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Hannity, Gibson, Bila Use MLK Day To Attack The NAACP

Reported by Ellen - January 20, 2011 -

Well, thank goodness. I was beginning to think Sean Hannity might have been going soft on race. After breaking his three-year streak of using Martin Luther King Day to race bait, he revived it again last night. And, as if to make up for lost time, he got Fox News Radio’s John Gibson and guest conservative Jedediah Bila to join him. The target this time? The NAACP, enthusiastically painted as racist and unpatriotic. And all this came one day after he and Dr. Laura commiserated about white people not being able to use the N-word.

Hannity began the discussion, part of the Great American Panel segment, by saying that in South Carolina, “MLK rally organizers obstruct a monument of Washington, they put a barrier around this.” He showed a photo of a George Washington statue boarded up on three sides. The NAACP has said that it erected the boards to post rally signs.

In a voice dripping with disbelief and disdain, Hannity said, “They say no insult was intended?”

Panelist John Gibson has his own disreputable history on race (which was not told to the “we report, you decide” audience). Not surprisingly, he was happy to join the attacks. “Of course, it’s an MLK Day and George Washington was famously a slave owner, so they box him in so he’s not visible,” Gibson sneered.

Hannity interrupted to add gleefully that the NAACP’s actions “may be against the law.”

Gibson, making sure not to miss the opportunity to suggest the NAACP is unpatriotic continued, “…And no insult intended? Really?”

Unfortunately, Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, the lone non-conservative, was not up to the job here. Instead of challenging the blatant race baiting, she called it “a dumb PR move” on the part of the NAACP.

Gibson, obviously intent on tarring the NAACP no matter what, said, “You don’t think that there was anything behind it?”

Panelist Jedediah Bila joined the pile on. “Let’s face it, the NAACP has lost all credibility,” she began.

Hannity, neatly avoiding any direct racial comments of his own, “asked,” “Doesn’t this fit into a liberal narrative, a left-wing narrative that is constantly trying to degrade our framers and founders?”

Bila agreed. Then she added racism to the NAACP smears. “Let’s just talk a minute about the NAACP. They will degrade the Tea Party and say the Tea Party is racist …and then they will invite Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan to speak at their events.”

Gibson still wasn’t done. He said the NAACP should “man up” and demand to change the name of the U.S. capital.

If this discussion wasn't an excuse to attack the NAACP, then what was the importance of this "controversy?" The fact that they used Martin Luther King Day as the framework was the piece de resistance.

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