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Glenn Beck Compares Himself to The Simpsons, Jon Stewart: Comedy Is Comedy

Reported by Aunty Em - January 20, 2011 -

Glenn Beck has finally confirmed two long-held contentions at News Hounds: The Beckerino [with apologies to Steve Allen] revealed himself as both a comedian and liar. Beck is now trying to cover his own tracks with his new self-help book co-written with Dr. Keith Ablow. [Title found where good books are found…sadly.] To pimp his latest opus, Beck’s been all over the dial with the good Doctor, also a frequent guest on Beck’s Tee Vee Carnival.

Ablow job is much like a Hannity Job. He comes on Fox "News" and spews right wing talking points under cover of his parchment, wherever it's from. [Too much under the new code of civility?] Doc Ablow seems to think Beck is America’s Psychiatrist. As Today’s Show Meredith Vieira tried to pin Beck down on his previous rhetoric, the doctor jumps in with Ablow job:

Vieira: There people who have criticized you and said your part of the problem.

Beck: Oh, I know. [crosstalk]

Dr. Ablow: I have people in my office tell me that too, by the way Meredith. I think that there’s a corollary—a parallel here. If you’re the therapist for a country, you have to tell the truth and it can—[crosstalk]

MV: But there’s a difference—

Dr:: —and it can kinda set people back on their heels. You’re an alcoholic and I say to someone, “He [Beck] says to the country, “You’re drunk.”

To her credit Vieira didn’t give up.

After dismissing his calling the president a racist, his Pelosi Poisoning quip, as something that took place “like 8 years ago,” a lie. They were both said since he’s been with Fox “News” only as long as Obama’s been president and while I’m hoping for 8 years, it’s only been a quarter of that so far.

MV: That doesn’t matter. That’s in the past. I understand that. In the spirit of this book do you regret that stuff now —[crosstalk]—having gone through this process [of writing the book]—

GB: I regret—

MV: —and said, “That was dumb.”

GB: Let me give you this. Anything I said in jokes, no. Ask Jon Stewart. Ask The Simpsons. Okay.

MV: You don’t think it contributes at all to a climate of anger? Or hate.

GB: Ask Jon Stewart that question. Ask The Simpsons that question.

MV: But I’m asking you that question.

GB: But I’m saying, if you ask that question to those guys, I think you’d get the same answer. No. Comedy is comedy. When there is—And this is why—the lines become very blurred and it’s very—it’s very—difficult to do what I do.

Laughing yet? For more on the comedy stylings of Glenn Beck:

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