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Hannity And McGuirk “Forget” About Violent Comments At Palin Rallies As They Continue To Attack The Left

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2011 -

Sean Hannity continued the Rovian Fox News tactic of using the left’s concerns about violent rhetoric from the right as an excuse to attack the left. In one such incident last night (1/13/11), Hannity and Imus producer Bernard McGuirk had a bout of amnesia about the kind of violent comments made at Sarah Palin rallies as they sallied forth to suggest that the left was likely to do violence to her.

Hannity set the tone early as he whined about Robert Kennedy, Jr. referring to him as a “merchant of hate.” And then in the next breath, Hannity said, “It was a committed Marxist that killed his uncle, Lee Harvey Oswald, not a conservative.”

Panelist and civil rights activist Ron Daniels cited “all of the venom… all of the hatred” that erupted at some of the McCain rallies.

Hannity interrupted. “What? You’re giving me generalities. I never saw any violence or hatred at a Sarah Palin rally.”

“Are you kidding me?” Daniels asked. “John McCain had to come out and call for calm because there was so much animosity and hatred at those rallies.”

Hannity insisted. “There was nothing! I was at those rallies. I covered those rallies. He said the only thing he remembered was when Bill Cunningham “referred to the president as ‘Barack Hussein Obama,’ …Meanwhile, when he (Obama) got sworn in, he said, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’” (in an entirely different context and meaning, of course).

McGuirk, with a similar lack of recall, defended poor “victim” Sarah Palin over the “venom and hatred directed toward her.” He added, “it’s a wonder nothing has happened to her!”

Well, let's refresh their memory because we remember, even if they'd rather forget. There were shouts of Kill him! and "Treason!" and "Terrorist!" about Obama.

Hannity said, “I think we have reasonable discourse.”

Of course, what he means is, from the right. Because Hannity never tires of not just criticizing the left, but demonizing them and suggesting that their comments are treasonous.