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Glenn Beck Whines: Only 14 Legislators Sign His Pledge Scam So Far

Reported by Aunty Em - January 13, 2011 -

It’s been an interesting week for Fox “News” watchers—and by that I mean those like the News Hounds who try and make sense of the never-ending stream of mendacity and spin. Ever since the Tucson Massacre the station has been heavily invested in a campaign of misdirection, in order to pretend that words have no consequences or, in the alternative, if words do have consequences Sheriff Dupnik’s head should be on the chopping block for having the temerity to speak the truth about violent rhetoric and the media which pumps it into the marketplace of ideas. No one is more invested in pretending the past didn’t happen than Glenn Beck (unless it’s half-Governor Sarah Palin). On Monday Glenn Beck launched his pledge scam. By Wednesday (01-12-11) he was already whining about how few legislators were willing to affix their signature to his latest media contrivance. Only 14 signed their ‘John Hancock’ to Beck’s pledge, as if it has the import of a founding document. To Beck this smacked of political cowardice because, after all, what kind of person wouldn’t sign a pledge to renounce violence?

The most amusing part of Wednesday’s show was his newest media motto “The truth has no agenda.” Contrast that to his show, which was agenda-filled.


We spent the last two days contacting the hundred senators and the 400-plus representatives in the House. We've plugged this [red] phone in and we actually -- we still use it to dial out. We just don't care if they call us anymore.

We've talked with staffers. We've talked with various House leaders, senators who have spread the challenge around. It's a very simple thing. Here it is. That's it -- half a page long.

The number of people so far who signed this pledge denouncing violence: 14 -- 14. Over 500 members in the House and Senate, and [only] 14 [signed].

Now, I was going to show you the 14 names because I'm proud of those guys, but maybe some other time. I don't want this to turn into -- I mean, this is not the Committee on Un-American Activities. That's for Congress to do. Not a private citizen. *

In Beck’s feverish mind people refusing to sign his pledge might actually be in favor of violence. But he also listed [read: made up out of thin air] so many various reasons for lawmakers not signing his phony bologna pledge of non-violence that it can only be considered part of Beck’s continued agenda.

And I have heard all kind of reasons and excuses.

Some just say they just need more time. Some are afraid to be associated with it. Afraid? Some need more time to read it. It's not really that complex. I don't know if you know this. It's this long.

Others agree with it. Oh, Glenn, I'm telling you, we agree with it. We're in complete agreement here. I'm a little uncomfortable signing anything.


Yes, Glenn, really! It must really hurt to realize your years of violent and eliminationist rhetoric is now coming back to bite you in your fact-checker ass. It must sting to realize that the Beck Brand is so tarnished that there are people smart enough not to sign anything that you have had anything to do with.

However, Beck also let’s slip that this was never about seeing who would sign and was always more about who wouldn’t sign, as I suggested on Monday.

I, really, honestly, I didn't think many politicians would sign this. It was really an exercise to show you them.

However, this is the pull quote that made me laugh out loud:

I love words. I do. And here is half a page of those words. It's my gift to you, something easy to unite on. Fourteen are willing to sign and go out of their comfort zone.

See? It’s his gift to us and we are churlish to be looking his gift horse in the mouth. And, how do we know that these 14 people went out of their comfort zone? Since he never identified them, for all we know they are perfectly comfortable with Beck’s years of hateful, violent, and eliminationist rhetoric. Heck, they might even be confused that Beck has seemingly changed his tune to Kumbaya.

But then were back to Beck’s longer agenda, attacking George Soros and Van Jones, a Beckian Twofer:

So, here is how sick our system is and how sick our system has become. George Soros -- spooky dude -- has funneled money to an organization that has just -- has actually spent money on this: "Glenn Beck's antiviolence pledge, a transparent trap for Democrats."

Darn it! I was this close to catching them in that trap. If it wasn't for those pesky kids!


Wait a minute, that's actually something -- trapped? Getting trapped with petitions -- I know it happens all the time. It happened with Van Jones with "the Truthers." Remember? 9/11 Truthers, he signed up and went to a thing and he was speaking in Arizona, and he was, like, I didn't even know it was a 9/11 Truther when we brought it up. I just signed it.

Oh, I know. It's so easy to do that. It happened to me once. I ended up being in the French military for two whole months. I signed -- I signed a piece of paper, I didn't know what it was. I ended up surrendering to 14 countries by the time I figured that out. But that's another story.

What a comedian and certainly no agenda there. And, he claims has heard other excuses as well.

Now, some people who haven't signed this, which is almost 500 of them, said, well, I'm still reading it. How much time do you need? You are a slow reader. You're going to have a hard time in Congress because the bills are long.

And then they said, some of them, Oh, I haven't had a chance to look it over. OK. All right. I'll give you more time.

I haven't had time to look it over. That actually is really good news, because -- I mean, you wouldn't want Congress passing anything without reading it over, right?

I mean, they'd never do that, would they? You can never be too careful. Who knows what could be lurking in the hearts of a Glenn Beck nonviolence pledge.

While the truth may not have an agenda, it’s clear that Glenn Beck does. Therefore, it’s no leap of logic to conclude Beck’s agenda is truth-free.

* Transcript from the super, official Fox “News” Glenn Beck web page.

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