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Megyn Kelly Fear Mongers About Public Employees Causing Deaths Across The Country

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2011 -

As we’ve previously reported, there’s a concerted effort to attack public employees, especially public employee unions, afoot among the right wing – with Fox News right alongside in the trenches. Yesterday (1/5/11), America Live’s Megyn Kelly did her part for the effort with a segment designed to demonize New York City sanitation workers in which Kelly “asked,” “So now you’ve got CRIMINAL (her emphasis) potential probes going on here into whether these sanitation workers may have BLOOD on their hands because people died as a result of this… Who else (in the public) needs to worry next?” To “answer” the question, she called on two guests with virtually the same anti-union, anti-public worker opinions.

I previously noted that it’s questionable that New York City workers deliberately sabotaged the snow clean up during the Christmas blizzard. But Kelly reported the allegations as if they were almost indisputable.

The guests were conservative Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg and “Democratic strategist” Dan Gerstein. Gerstein immediately said he was “outraged by” the sanitation workers while Goldberg said it’s “not the first time that government unions have put their own bottom line, self interest ahead of the common good.”

The same might be said of Fox News, but I digress.

Goldberg went on to say there’s not much reason for public unions “to even exist” and predicted more confrontations ahead.

Finally, four minutes into the six-minute segment, Kelly noted that the New York City union “denies” there was a slowdown. But she immediately suggested that a federal investigation would prove otherwise. “Bottom line is, if you get any of these people under oath, or enough of them, Dan, the truth is going to come out. It’s one thing to say to a reporter, ‘Oh, we didn’t do it.’ It’s quite another to go under oath and lie and get hundreds of people to do it.”

No pushback from “Democrat” Gerstein. While he said he thinks there “is a place” for public sector unions, he supported city and state leaders “getting tough” with them - then gratuitously added that it was not “just because of tactics like this” but also because of “sweetheart deals” with government officials that they’ve “literally captured.”

Another example of Fox News “fair and balanced.”