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Brian Kilmeade Validates Claims of "Anchor Baby" "Invasion"

Reported by Priscilla - January 5, 2011 -

The "pro-life" right wing loves babies - cept if they're babies born to undocumented immigrants on American soil who, because of the constitutional provision regarding birthright citizenship, become evil "anchor babies." As many of these children are born to Hispanic immigrants, they have become a flashpoint for the bigotry and nativism of the right wing who fear and loathe brown people. As the mouthpiece for the bigoted and nativist right wing, Fox "News" does its gosh darned, patriotic American best to further the fear and loathing of "anchor babies" with its frequent use of the term. Today, the Fox morning propaganda show, cleverly packaged as a happy chat show, "Fox & Friends" provided a platform for a member of the radical right to elucidate his opinion of moves by several states to do away with birthright citizenship - in addition to the requisite Fox trashing of the Federal government's supposed negligence on immigration issues and a plug for the Arizona immigration bill. Now I will admit that this issue is worth discussing as it speaks to constitutional rights. But shouldn't any discussion be held with individuals who aren't stark, raving, bigots? Brian Kilmeade's (who does have a problem with brown people) guest, PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe will be offering a "birther amendment" in the upcoming legislative session which would require any presidential candidate to prove their "natural born citizenship" before they can be on the PA ballot. He claimed that a "Domestic Violence Awareness" resolution was part of the "gay agenda." And he hates Muslims because they don't believe in Jesus. So here he is on "Fox & Friends" to discuss birthright citizenship. Why he would have any credibility on anything is beyond me. Oh, I forgot, this is "Fox & Friends" where credibility is as foreign as "anchor babies!"

The topic clearly had Brian Kilmeade excited as he shouted about "five states, five states" who are "reviving the controversy, making the bold move" to pass laws to deny citizenship to children born in the US to illegal immigrants. (He then read a list of four states!) Agitprop chyron was sure to get the pitchfork carriers just drooling: "No birthright? States Measures Take Aim at 'Anchor Babies'." (This chyron ran for a good part of the video). Kilmeade cited an estimate of the number of "illegals" in Pennsylvania. Metcalfe then took the ball and ran with it. Without citing any source for the numbers, he made the usual claim about how much these folks are costing taxpayers. Course he didn't add that they're also contributing to the profits of those who illegally employ them. He didn't mention that "illegals" are ineligible for public assistance. But he did say that he is connected with legislators from 40 other states who are members of "State Legislators for Legal Immigration" - a group that has support from the SPLC designated anti-immigrant hate group "Federation for American Immigration Reform." Metcalfe remarked that when Congressional Republicans read the Constitution, on the House flour, "it's very appropriate...that when they read Article 4 Section 4 where they're supposed to protect the state from invasion." He cited debates of the mid 1800's which claimed that the parents of children born here "would have an allegiance to our country." According to Metcalfe, he and his nativist pals are "standing with America" to "protect liberty and property from the invasion of illegal aliens."

Kilmeade referenced a recent court decision from the 9th circuit which stated that this is a federal issue and the states "should back off and we'll handle it even though we haven't." (Oh, that nasty, bad injunction on the awesome Arizona immigration law). The agitprop chyron: "Cracking Down on Illegals, Arizona Style." Kilmeade asked Metcalfe if he thought his attempt to change the law is an exercise in futility. Metcalfe asserted that "there has been a resurgence" of sentiment about "rights of states to be parallel power." Video of immigrants climbing the border fence was shown while he spoke. He ranted about how the federal government has been "AWOL" in helping the states deal with immigration and asserted that his group believes, "from working with constitutional scholars," that the language that his group is providing to states will enable them "to be victorious in the courts." BTW, the legal pals whom he identified are from the "Immigration Reform Law Institute" which is also affiliated with the aforementioned hate group FAIR, Fox fave Kris Kobach who has ties to radical nativist groups, and the anti Prop 8 attorney John Eastman who said that the Prop 8 court case judge should recuse himself because he's gay. Rather than, taking on the Constitution, Metcalfe said that they're taking on "bureaucrats who have run amock with the Constitution." He repeated the meme about parents of children born here needing to "have allegiance" to the US. Kilmeade said "right."

Comment: Did ya catch the spin here? Rather than approach the topic from the more lucid perspective that the intent of the 14th amendment was to guarantee the citizenship of the children of the freed slaves who had not been citizens, the discussion here was all about the danger posed by hordes of "illegals" who have no allegiance to the US. There are many children who are born to those with green cards, work permits, and student visas (think Michelle Malkin). Were the parents of these children questioned regarding their "allegiance?" These aspects of the issue weren't discussed as the intent was to promote just more fear, loathing, and ugly bigotry towards a group on the Fox "News" enemies list. But, seriously, Daryl Metcalfe? "Fox& Friends" - where batshit crazy is the new norm!


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