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Joe Klein Blasts “Telecharletan” Glenn Beck

Reported by Ellen - December 26, 2010 -

In my view, it’s crucial that people speak out loudly and clearly about the kind of hate mongering that is Glenn Beck’s stock in trade. So hats off to Joe Klein who did exactly that on The Chris Matthews show today.

Klein said,

There has to be a word for Glenn Beck. Who is a telecharlatan. And who really, I mean he retires the cup. Not just for that rally, but for this phony, professorial air that he has on when he is broadcasting in which he promotes these ridiculous conspiracy theories by John Birch Society nutcakes. I mean it’s outrageous.

We believe there should be no place on American television for the likes of Beck. Please join us in asking Fox News to fire him by contacting them at [email protected] or [email protected].

Video via Mediaiate