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Fox News, You've Got Mail!

Reported by Ellen - December 26, 2010 -

Special for the holidays, the latest batch of emails sent to us but obviously meant for Fox. As usual, the names and other identifying information have been removed to protect the ignorant and stupid. Spelling and grammar have been left intact.

Received 9/30/10

FW: Bo's vacation

Shame on him. How can he be so insenitive to the need of his people. His people are not the americans. How selfish can he be using our money for stupid things like bringing his dog on a private plan while our young men are dying, not allowed to pray in the battle field etc. Please be sure this gets aired on fox news. It is very important that the american people see what he is doing. Especially the ones that don't believe.

By the way, this reader sent four more emails like this one before I finally told her to take us off her email list.

Received 10/31/10

Re: Team

Why did you break up the best morning team of Kelly & Hemmer. Their chemistry was magical and unbeatable. Martha is Martha – but Kelly & Hemmer were magic.

Received 10/2/10 (not sure which show it refers to)

Re Tonights Comments

Your guest knows nothing about whether a person is scared or not and how their reaction would be under the circumstances.
I will be 70 next month and I wouldn't set still and play the victim, I would be out there facing the person, whatever age, gun or no gun. Sitting paciflly only invites more aggression. One must show strength under the circumstances as described.

Under the circumstances of rape, just laugh at them, don't show fear because rape is not about sex but power. When I was in New Orleans walking back to campus from Bourbon street, two men followed me using extrememly suggestive language, obviously trying to scare me. I just laughted at them and kept walking. At no time shouldl one show fear because it feeds the aggressor.

Received 11/18/10

Re: Lump Sum Unemployment

As I arrive at work this morning I find out from a co worker that a resently laid off co worker, is being given the choice of weekly unemployment or a 25 week lump sum payment..which was close to the 10,000.00..... I think this is just plain wrong.
Thank You. for all you guys do!!

Lastly, we received the next two on Christmas Eve, showing some real holiday spirit.

You People are full of lies

To Chris Hahn,

I the words of Joe Wilson "You Lie". That is what I think of you democrats. Chris, you have some damn nerve to come on Fox news and then slam them here on your rag website. Everytime I see you on Fox I swear you up and down. You are a fool. Don't compare What the republicans did to FDR to what the new republicans are going to do to this poor misguided, arrogant, eliteist, SOB of a president. He has taken every person in the United States for a ride. He lied and lied to everybody and the only fools that believe him are you socialists and communists in this country.That is all this is about Control, Spending us into oblivian and Taxing us to death. I can't wait till January 1,2011. You Hated George W. Bush when he was president and now it's my turn to hate this piece of crap president.

Have A Merry Christmas

Apparently Democratic strategist Chris Hahn - a News Hounds Top Dog, by the way - pushed someone else's buttons that day:

Re Chris Hahn