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Rather Than Defend Rep. Peter King's Muslim Hearings, O’Reilly Attacks Critics As Jihadist Abettors

Reported by Ellen - December 22, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly devoted his Talking Points segment Tuesday night (12/21/10) to incoming House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King’s promised investigation into radicalization of Muslims in the United States. It’s clearly a subject near and dear to O’Reilly’s heart, believing as he does that Muslims pose a huge threat to the world. But King has come under fire for having a bigoted attitude toward Muslims and critics have expressed concerns that King’s hearings could turn into a witch hunt. Rather than refute those apprehensions, O’Reilly attacked King’s critics and suggested they are “looking out for” Muslims more than Americans.

O’Reilly revealed his mindset early when he sneered that “just the thought of” King’s hearings “has angered Muslim groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and one of the two Muslims in Congress, Keith Ellison.”

O’Reilly played a clip of Ellison saying on MSNBC, “Look, we all need to be concerned about violent radicalization but not just against Muslims, against anybody. What about the guy who flew the plane into the IRS? What about the guy who killed a guard at the Holocaust Museum? …Timothy McVeigh and other things?”

O’Reilly responded, “That is an outrageous canard. A rhetorical ruse. Individual terrorism is far different from Islamic jihad.” O’Reilly raised his voice and shot a hand toward the camera. “As Mr. Ellison and CAIR well know!”

O’Reilly continued by saying that Muslim jihadists have killed “tens of thousands of people and Islamic theocracies like Iran are threatening the world. So to say that Muslim terrorism inside the USA should not be scrutinized – because a few non-Muslims have engaged in terrorism – is insane.”

Except that that’s not what Ellison said. Ellison said, “Look, we all need to be concerned about violent radicalization but not just against Muslims, against anybody.”

After claiming that King’s hearings “would not be targeting law-abiding Muslims” but would focus on “the jihadists already in this country.” O’Reilly ad libbed, “And they are here. Are you getting that Congressman Ellison? They are here.”

Then O’Reilly took a swipe at liberals. “Even a liberal guy like Attorney General Eric Holder is aggressively investigating terror activity.”

O’Reilly concluded by saying, “Congressman Ellison and CAIR are misguided. They are not, they are not looking out for us.”

The implication was clear as to who they are looking out for.