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Bill O'Reilly Still Obsessed With Miley Cyrus?!

Reported by Priscilla - December 14, 2010 -

Aging, Catholic, "traditionalist" Bill O'Reilly really seems to have a thing for Miley Cyrus. Recently, a video surfaced of Ms. Cyrus in which she was shown taking some bong hits off of salvia. (And I thought it was a lovely annual flower). The smokable form is legal in 35 states and, obviously, produces a "buzz" which Ms. Cyrus seemed to be enjoying. As the SNL version of the comedian and "View" star Joy Behar (who posed for a photo with Bill at the White House Press/TV Christmas Party) would say "So what, who cares!" But Bill O'Reilly obviously does. And he's been "caring" about Miley for some time now. He must be such a "compassionate conservative!"

Bill has been following Miley Cyrus' career very, very closely. When she's good, he rewards her. But when she's bad, he scolds her - after playing video which shows Miley being naughty, naughty. For instance, in March of this year, he gave her a "patriot" award when she admonished teens to get off the internet and get some exercise. He did do a paternal "wag of the finger" at her for her "suggestive pole dance" routine that he and his "culture warriors" covered in 2009. He also gave Miley a little verbal spanking for "controversial conduct" that he considered "inappropriate for her age." She received another "Patriot" award in October of 2009 because she did a concert for women with breast cancer. But Bill reprimanded her for having had "provocative pictures" taken of her which "tarnished" her image and "acting older than her age." America's Daddy gave his "daughter" a "Pinhead" award in August of this year because she was "running around in ridiculous outfits trying to look like Lady Gaga." He claimed that this would ruin Cyrus' career and expressed disappointment that Miley was considered a role model. Naturally, he played the video of Cyrus in an outfit that revealed only a little less leg than Megyn Kelly (Has Bill seen Kelly's GQ shots?) and other blonde Fox newsbabes.

Bill started his parenting (or is it stalking?) of Miley with two segments about Cyrus' lovely 2008 photo, which Bill found shocking, taken by the famed Annie Liebovitz. He predicted that the photo would ruin Cyrus' career. Later in 2008 Bill was concerned that Cyrus showed part of her bra in a photo. He described it a "teasy, peak a boo thing." But being a protective daddy, Bill scolded Ellen DeGeneres for her interview of Cyrus in which, Bill claimed, Ellen forced Cyrus to reveal "her private life." There was rich irony in Bill's concern about Miley being stalked by a weirdo. Bill is protective. He gave Jamie Foxx a "Pinhead" award for saying snarky things about Miley. Bill is parental. He gave Miley's mom a "patriot award" for putting limits on Miley's credit card limits. This year, Miley got Bill's parental dander up when a video surfaced of her "lap dance" on an older man. More rich irony in Bill braying about "standards." Naturally he played the video.

Flash forward to last night's "Factor." Miley's big TV Daddy was not happy. With a smirk on his fact he proclaimed that "things have been heading south, lately, for Miley Cyrus and here is the latest." He then played the entire bong hit video. At the conclusion of the video, Bill scowled as said "pathetic, that's what it is." He quoted Cyrus as saying that she was using a legal substance. And then he declared that "the sad fact is that her day of being a positive role model for young women are long gone."

Comment: Cyrus is, legally, an adult and can do what she wants. She still is popular despite Bill's ongoing admonitions about her naughty behavior that Bill seems to be very, very interested in. But - again - there is rich irony in Bill O'Reilly talking about "role models" after his "excapade" involving an accusation of sexual harassment which included some rather inappropriate taped conversation. As a "traditionalist," he's not a very good role model. Ya think? Bill O'Reilly is, clearly, not Miley Cyrus' "daddy" inasmuch as he might fantasize that he is. And that begs the question of why he is so obsessed (whoops, concerned) about her. Could the answer be related to the phrase "dirty old man?"

America's Daddy?

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