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Gretchen Carlson Promotes Minister's Website That ID's Companies "That Don't Support Christmas"

Reported by Priscilla - December 9, 2010 -

I'm no bible scholar; but as I know, there's nothing in Christian scripture that mandates that everyone (non Christians included) say "Merry Christmas." I don't recall that Jesus of Nazareth told merchants that thou shall put up manger displays. But maybe I just missed those passages that Fox "News" seems to be using as support for their annual promotion of the "war on Christmas." There's a Baptist preacher, in Texas, who has set up a "Grinch list" website which serves to "educate" folks in the community about those businesses that will get coal in their stockings and free one way trips to the "Lake of Fire" for their disrespect to Chinese made plastic baby Jesus, Santa, elves, candy canes, toy soldiers, and snowmen. Good Christian and Christmas warrior Gretchen Carlson gave a warm welcome, this morning, to this Christian fellow so that the Fox audience will know which businesses to avoid. But it's not a boycott. Who knew!

Gretch introduced her guest, Dr. Robert Jeffries of the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Jeffries is perfect for Fox News as he recently said that Islam supports pedophilia. His audience (Fox watchers?) gave him a standing ovation for his incisive analysis which he hasn't apologized for. But Jeffries is a happy Christmas warrior so he's on the fast track to the pearly gates. He said that "every year people bemoan the war on Christmas" (brought to us by Fox "News") but this year he decided to do something positive by creating this fun website so that folks can find out which businesses "shun Christmas." They can write about it on this special "Grinch" website where they can also "commend businesses" that show the proper respect to the baby Jesus and crass commercialism. He said that this is a way to tell businesses that "it's alright to join the 91% of Americans who do celebrate Christmas." Eager for Christian Christmas celebrating Fox viewers to send death threats to those "naughty businesses," Gretch asked for some names. The three shown were Macy's, Barnes & Noble, and Mi Cocina Restaurant. Jeffries claim that it's not his church that's refudiating (I know, I couldn't resist!) these stores but those who access the website. According to the testifying, there are some clerks who refuse to say "Merry Christmas" and "in other cases, they tried to neutralize the meaning of Christmas." (WTF?) He emphasized that "this is a subjective thing" and it's not his church that's making the list. (ah, the old "washing my hands" of this thing?). He joked that "we're just providing the paper." Businesses that got "good marks" were then shown. Gretch said that she assumed that they said "Merry Christmas." Jeffries cited the name of a "nice" bank that put up a Nativity Scene and according to the bank's CEO, customers from a bad bank that took down their Christmas tree were flocking to the good bank. Gretch wanted her viewers to know that Jeffries is not calling for a boycott of any of these businesses. He said that he patronizes a Mexican restaurant that says "Happy Holidays" because he likes their food. Gretch said more information on the Grinch website is on the Fox website.

Comment: So shaming businesses that don't conform to what Christmas should be (? is "fun" and "educational?" What exactly defines "not supporting Christmas?" One comment on the website criticized "Target" because they didn't have ornaments with the "Holy Family." In reality, the store stocks a number of items with a religious theme. The restaurant, Mi Cocina, that says "happy holidays" provides 600 free holiday meals to families who have lost a loved one in the wars. But obviously, saying "Merry Christmas" is far more important than actually doing acts of charity which exemplify the real religious meaning of Christmas. But let's get this straight. Gretch says it's not a boycott so why were businesses identified and why is Fox "News" providing information for this? Am I missing something here?


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