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Annual Fox News War On Atheists Has Begun!

Reported by Priscilla - November 30, 2010 -

As America's premier Christian newsroom, Fox "News," in marching in tune with the Christian anthem "Onward Christian Soldiers," is actively fighting the war against those godless atheists who dare to "promote" their godless views on billboards or other public signage. Christians who erect Christian billboards do, however, receive warm Christian affirmation (here, here and here ) on Fox about their public message - much of which is focused on fighting those godless atheists. A quick google of Fox News and atheist ads brings up numerous occasions on which Fox Christian talkers express Fox Christian outrage at the nerve of these American citizens to promote a way of thinking that's downright un-American in its godlessness! Around this time last year, the anti-atheist venom was directed at blasphemous bus signs that said "no God, no problem." Bill O'Reilly wanted to know why atheists "loathe the baby Jesus." This year, the Fox war on atheists continues with its attack on those evil atheists whose NJ billboard about Xmas being a "myth" seems to be such a threat to those good Christians who get their religious messages from billboards and whose faith appears to be so weak that they can't deal with anything that challenges it. Oh yeah, and it makes a great "wedge" issue for Fox "News" to use in its jihad (whoops Christian crusade) of hatred towards those who challenge rightwing orthodoxy. The baby Jesus must be so happy.

The "American Atheists" group has erected a sign on NJ Route 495, on the way to the Lincoln Tunnel, which has a picture of the Magi approaching the manger. Above the scene are the words, “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason!” David Silverman, the president of the association said that the purpose of the billboard is to encourage those who don't believe in God, but practice religious rituals, to "come out." He also said that this is a response to all those who blame atheists (Fox News?) for the war on Christmas "to give the religious right a taste of what war on Christmas looks like." He has also stated that Christians don't own the Solstice. Fox is fighting back with an article on Fox Nation which reported on the billboard .The Fox News website has an article about this "atheism promoting" billboard. And on Sunday, Dave Briggs of the weekend Fox & Friends interviewed Silverman who made the above cited points. The interview was pretty much a straightforward Q&A until Briggs, after Silverman's comment about the "war on Christmas," accused Silverman of starting the "war on Christmas." The "Cavuto marked" title of the Briggs video: "An Attack on Christianity?"

Comment: Don't worry baby Jesus. The Christian soldiers at Fox News have your back!


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