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Mike Huckabee Palling Around With Homophobes

Reported by Priscilla - November 23, 2010 -

It's not surprising that, as a member of the very heterosexual religious right, Mike Huckabee thinks that homosexuality is icky. As such, Huckabee has no problem in associating with members of the American Taliban whose supposedly loving God requires them to be less than loving when dealing with icky gays. In September, Mike Huckabee spoke at the "Values Voters Summit" which was a conclave of leading mullahs from the homophobic religious right. Flash forward two months and mullah (whoops minister) Huckabee is still palling around with homophobes. Sunday, he delivered the keynote address at the Iowa "Family Leader" "Celebrate the Family” fundraiser. He congratulated Iowans who voted out three of the Iowa judges who ruled in favor of same sex marriage. (If it weren't for silly judges, our saintly white children wouldn't have to sit next to those nasty dark children in schools that rejected God because of silly judges!) The "Family Leader," a conservative Christian group that formed by combining three separate groups of Jesus' BFF's under one umbrella, is headed by Bob Vander Plaats who was at the helm of the effort to unseat the judges and who, unsuccessfully, sought the GOP nomination for Iowa governor in the most recent election. His candidacy was supported by Mike Huckabee and "Huck PAC." In February, Huckabee appeared at a fund raiser for one of the aforementioned groups, the "Iowa Family Policy Center" during which one of the speakers said that gays "were violating the design of their bodies" and, natch, sinning. The "Family Leader" says, on its website, that it "opposes distortions of sexuality" and "special rights" for those who are "disordered." Oh well, there are lots of nice Christian homophobes in America and Fox is "America's newsroom..."

Note - Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the awesome Pam Spaulding of "Pam's House Blend" which is a great resource for LGBTQ issues.