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Rove Takes A Few More Swipes At Palin

Reported by Ellen - November 19, 2010 -

Fox News Civil War erupts again! On Hannity last night (11/18/10), Sean Hannity again pressed Karl Rove for his thoughts on Sarah Palin near the end of a segment. Rove acknowledged that he did question whether her TLC show “was the best use of her time.” But, he added, “Guess what? I’m a commentator and I’m sorry that if she took offense at it. I hope every candidate has a tougher skin than to be upset by something that I might say about ‘em. I’ve said nice things about her and I’ve raised a question but a confident candidate doesn’t get thrown off by that.”

Rove continued, even though the music signaling the end of the segment began playing, “A confident candidate says, ‘People are entitled to their opinion. I’m going to do what I think is right for my own candidacy.’”

Rove acknowledged that Palin would be a “formidable candidate” if she runs, “both in the primary and in the general election if she were to receive the nomination.”

But then he took another swipe at her. “But you know what? I’m a little bit, frankly, surprised that one comment about whether or not it was a good thing to do this drew such a response from some of her supporters. I hope she’s got a thicker skin than that because there’s gonna be a lot of commenting done by a lot of people in the next 13, 14 months.”

"She’s had enough shots in her direction. I think she’s proven that she can take a punch," Hannity said.

“I wasn’t punching her!” Rove protested.

No, of course he wasn't.

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