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Hannity And Guest Pretend Americans Want Health Care Reform Repealed And Bush Tax Cuts Extended For Wealthy

Reported by Ellen - November 17, 2010 -

On Hannity last night (11/16/10), Republican Congressman Paul Ryan announced that Republicans had heard the message delivered by voters on November 2 and that the party would not ignore the will of the people. Then he proceeded to ignore recent polling and advance an agenda of repealing health care reform and continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest that indicated Ryan did intend to ignore the public will. Sean Hannity not only didn’t notice, he seemed to approve of Ryan’s agenda.

Ryan told Hannity, “A message was delivered on November the 2nd and we are hearing this message. This is just the beginning, Sean, for the kinds of reforms the new Republican majority are going to bring… We do not intend to ignore the will of the people.”

Well, maybe so, but polls show that a majority of Americans are not in favor of either extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest nor for repealing health care reform.

But when asked what the GOP will do if the lame duck Congress does not permanently extend the Bush tax cuts, Ryan said that if that happens, “Then we will do it retroactively to the first of the year after we take power in January. Now, that’s ugly and it’s disruptive to the economy so I hope it doesn’t come to that. That is exactly what we will do. We do not want to see these taxes increase.”

Hannity not only didn’t notice that that’s not what Americans want, he acted as though it was. “Do you really think they (a lame duck Congress) would do that in light of this election… exactly what the American people don’t want them to do?”

Later, Hannity brought up repealing health care reform. Without pointing out that the majority of Americans do not want it repealed, he noted that the Senate and President would likely prevent repeal and asked, “What can you do to stop health care (reform)?”

Ryan said, “We’re gonna still advance a repeal bill because we think it’s important to define ourselves with our actions. But then we’ve gotta do oversight, and then we’re gonna have to go down the defunding route and then we’ve got these states attorney generals going down their path as well.”

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