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Bret Baier Omits Key Details Of Bristol Palin's Hoofing Popularity

Reported by Priscilla - November 17, 2010 -

Brett Baier is part of Fox "real" news so he's going to be "fair and balanced." Right? Turns out that his report on Bristol Palin's popularity on "Dancing With the Stars," where Bristol thinks she can dance, was just an attack on evil libruls who make snarky remarks about the precious daughter of the precious former governor of Alaska. As you probably know, Bristol's painful (and rather racy for a sweet young born again Christian virgin whose newest PSA for abstinence features one of the Jersey Shore guys who was voted off DWTS almost immediately) performances have been panned, consistently, by the judges. Yet, she doesn't get voted out. Speculation is that conservative talker Tammy Bruce's "Twitter" campaign and the many fan sites (including Bristol's own website and her "Facebook" page) have helped Bristol garner the votes that she needs to win the competition which, rather than a talent show, appears to be a popularity contest. And she is, of course, the daughter of the America's teabagging queen so it's all good. But these realities were ignored by "news" anchor Baier who focused on "Palin Derangement Syndrome" (read evil libruls) being responsible for those who say bad things about Palin, including, as Baier expressed it, a "gem" on the Daily Kos comment board. All's fair in love and war and "Dancing with the Stars." At Fox "News" - not so much!

Here's Bristol's PSA

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