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In Softball Interview, George W. Bush Calls Sean Hannity “My Buddy”

Reported by Ellen - November 10, 2010 -

Sean Hannity’s hour-long interview with George W. Bush was just the kind of softball lovefest you’d expect. Bush even called Hannity “my buddy,” with obvious affection. It was also a reminder of why people described Bush as “all hat, no cattle.”

In Part 1 (second video below), Hannity and Bush rode around Bush's Crawford, Texas property in Bush’s pickup truck. Hannity noted that Bush seems “totally, completely at peace.” Bush agreed, “I am at peace.” And content. Plus, he’s having fun. Bush and Bill Clinton are working together on the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. It's a fund set up to raise money to help the impoverished country rebuild after the devastating earthquake there last January. Bush said the project is going well. “(Clinton’s) a fun guy. We’re the same age. I like him and we’re working the Haiti project together and you know, Bill’s got a good soul. He’s not a mean-spirited guy. It’s fun to be with him. It’s fun to share insights into the presidency.” Bush didn’t mention – and Hannity didn’t ask – how the Haiti project is going, what it has accomplished or what Bush is doing to help fundraise. It could be in the part to be shown Saturday night. But somehow, I doubt it.

Later, Hannity brought up the Iraq war (last video below). No tough questions about the faulty intelligence or anything about the Downing Street Memo. No, siree! Hannity gushed that in Bush’s new book, “You bring everybody inside that decision making.” Then, Hannity told us, after a “slow lap around the South Lawn” and a prayer, Bush turned to the “one man that understood what you were feeling and you sat down at your desk and you scrawled out a letter to…” Hannity’s voice trailed off but it was clear the letter had been written to George H.W. Bush.

You’ll be happy to know that while much of the nation regrets the decision to invade Iraq (not that you would have known from watching Hannity's interview), Pappy Bush was behind his son all the way. Junior Bush said, “His letter to me was such a touching response, I hope that the reader of the book will have a better sense of my Dad, his compassion and what it’s like to be the father of the president.”

What about the mother of a troop sent to war over what we now know is faulty intelligence? That didn’t come up. Maybe because there was too much else to do to make Bush look good. “Use of the military was the last option,” Bush said, “and the choice was Saddam Hussein’s to make as to whether or not we used force.” So our invasion, based on faulty intelligence, was Saddam's fault.

Hannity not only found it perfectly plausible, he was sympathetic to Bush's pickle of having started a war on false pretenses. Referring to the lack of WMD's, Hannity asked, “Frustrating for you?”

“Unbelievably frustrating. Of course it was frustrating. Everybody thought (Saddam Hussein) had WMD,” Bush answered. No, not everybody. Scott Ritter, the former Chief U.N. weapons inspector didn’t, nor did several others in a position to know. But Hannity didn’t seem to think it worth mentioning.

So it wasn't too much of a surprise when, as Bush talked about being out of the limelight since leaving the White House, he smiled and said to Hannity, “Obviously, I’m in the limelight now, because I’m talking to you, my buddy.”

That was one thing Bush got exactly right.

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