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Glenn Beck Should Be Fired For His Unhinged Vendetta Against George Soros

Reported by Ellen - November 10, 2010 -

Glenn Beck outdid himself in crazy yesterday as he went on an hour-long smearfest against George Soros that suggested - via suggestion and unfounded hypothesis - he has somehow conspired with Democrats, progressives and the Obama administration to demolish the U.S. economy. Really. And while Beck revels in finding hidden meanings in coincidences, he seemed to completely miss how his “revelations” coincided with his hissy fit over Soros’ recent $1 million donation to Media Matters and its campaign urging advertisers to drop Fox because of Beck's violent rhetoric.

The entire show was lower than despicable. You can watch it here. But the one segment that stood out the most was the “expose” done by Beck. It starts at about 2:47 in the video below. Beck begins his little “biography” of Soros by saying, “80 years ago, George Soros was born. Little did the world know then economies would collapse, currencies would become worthless, elections would be stolen, regimes would fall and one billionaire would find himself coincidentally at the center of it all."

Some excerpts:

Who could forget that he (Soros) was the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992?

Along with currencies, Soros also collapses regimes

So what is his target now? Us, America.

Media Matters has some excellent fact-based rebuttal to the show including a catalog of the lies told about Soros in the show, the anti-Semitic sources and stereotypes behind Beck's attacks and the anti-Soros themes Beck wants you to believe.

Please consider contacting Fox News and telling them that this kind of incendiary smear has no place on any network, much less one that calls itself “fair and balanced.”

You can email the show at [email protected].

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