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Rove Sucks Up To Palin

Reported by Ellen - November 5, 2010 -

Karl Rove took a decided walk back on Hannity last night (11/4/10) from his public criticism of Sarah Palin’s potential presidential candidacy. But while he acknowledged he might have the wrong perspective on her, made it look like they were getting along, said he’d love to go up to Alaska and go moose hunting, and apologized if he had offended her, he never said he thought she’d make a good candidate. He never even said he liked her. Considering Rove’s reputation for dirty tricks and considering Palin’s reputation for being thin-skinned and vengeful, I’m going to bet that this battle will reignite sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Near the end of the segment on Hannity, Sean Hannity said to Rove, “Last question: Are you and Governor Palin getting along?”

Rove never said, “Yes.” He said, “The other night I got - she took a picture of me. Brit Hume and I were studying Alaska for Dummies consciously. During the break, we were over there reading.”

Hannity pressed, “So this media stuff about, you know, your comments that maybe she shouldn't be doing the documentary?” (Hannity was referring to Rove's negative comments about Palin's upcoming reality show)

“Well, look,” Rove said. “My job is to sort of comment on those kind of things, and look, I understand she's …an unconventional politician, and I may be coming at it from a conventional perspective. But you know, I don't think - you know, I didn't mean offense by it, and I'm sorry if she took it. And the other night she laughed when she saw Hume and I studying Alaska for Dummies and I hope to go there in response to her travelogue on The Discovery Channel.”

Rove added, “I’d love to go moose hunting and I’d love to go salmon fishing. I’m an outdoorsman.”

I noticed he didn’t say he’d love to do those things with her.

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