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Fox & Friends Provides Platform For Anti Sharia Law "Patriot" James Woolsey

Reported by Priscilla - November 5, 2010 -

If any of you were wondering whatever happened to James Woolsey, the neo-con who, as a member of the Project for the New American Century, was an architect of George Bush's not so excellent adventure in Iraq, wonder no more because he appeared this morning on Fox & Friends to discuss his role as a supporter of the new anti-Sharia law in Oklahoma. This law is being challenged by the Council on Islamic American Relations so enter, stage right, James Woolsey whose job, on Fox & Friends, was to defend the law against an organization that the anti-Islamic right wing sees as a jihadist supporting enemy of "real" America. (Christians and non Hollywood Jews).

Fox friend Peter Johnson explained that the new Oklahoma law is facing a lawsuit brought by CAIR. He played video of CAIR's Gadeir Abbas who stated that the law was meant to stigmatize Muslims after which he introduced Woolsey who, according to Johnson, actively worked on behalf of the amendment and who created an ad which supported it. Johnson said that "Jim" is a "patriot" and known as "a fair person in a lot of quarters." When asked if he was trying to "demonize or discriminate against Muslims," Woolsey denied that neither he nor the Oklahomans who voted for it were doing that. He then asserted that when some men in the US and Europe have been prosecuted for beating their wives and daughters, they cite Sharia law. He gave, as an example, an Italian case. Johnson then referred to a case in New Jersey decision which was overturned by a higher court. He asked Woolsey if we should be using, as we sometimes do, foreign law in US courts. In referencing international treaties, Woolsey responded that international law, "in the normal sense," isn't interfered with by this resolution but "what is interfered with is men beating up their wives" who claim religious justification for doing so. (Woolsey's comment about international law is confusing because the Oklahoma statute bans international law.) Johnson then profusely thanked Woolsey for his "service to America" and for being there. He added "good to see you."

Comment: If this hadn't been such a love fest between Johnson and Woolsey, Johnson could have mentioned that Oklahoma has only 30,000 Muslims in a population of 3.7 million which begs the question of why this measure is necessary beyond the histrionics of paranoid, anti-Islamic types like Fox fave, rabid Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel who visited Oklahoma churches to advocate for the passage of this resolution. What neither good "patriot" Woolsey nor Johnson mentioned is that since the introduction of this amendment to the Oklahoma constitution, Muslims in Oklahoma have been harassed. What wasn't mentioned was that, because of the prohibition against international law, the Ten Commandments, which are part of Sharia law, can now be outlawed. Neither Woolsey nor Johnson mentioned that a number of groups are filing suit over the issue of the "free exercise of religion" - something that Fox, in its ongoing coverage of persecuted Christians, seems to be concerned about. Both Woolsey and Johnson are lawyers; but neither mentioned that it "prevents courts from enforcing private contracts in which the parties mutually agreed upon the use of Sharia laws--restricting the right of free people to contract as they choose." But it is a great wedge issue and the American right wing and its mouthpiece, Fox "News," has never seen a wedge issue it didn't love. But according to Woolsey, this is just about Muslim men beating up their wives in a state that, according to the Fox graphic, has been overrun by Muslims. Are ya sceered yet?

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain,
Where Sharia law
Scares Ma and Paw
Who will gladly put Muslims on the train - out of

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...

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