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GOP Civill War Heats Up: Stopping Palin A Priority For GOP Leaders

Reported by Ellen - October 31, 2010 -

It looks like the Karl Rove faction of the Republican Party has fired another salvo against Sarah Palin. Politico reports, There is rising expectation among GOP elites that Palin will probably run for president in 2012 and could win the Republican nomination, a prospect many of them regard as a disaster in waiting.

Politico continues:

Many of these establishment figures argue in not-for-attribution comments that Palin’s nomination would ensure President Barack Obama’s reelection, as the deficiencies that marked her 2008 debut as a vice presidential nominee — an intensely polarizing political style and often halting and superficial answers when pressed on policy — have shown little sign of abating in the past two years.

"There is a determined, focused establishment effort … to find a candidate we can coalesce around who can beat Sarah Palin," said one prominent and longtime Washington Republican. "We believe she could get the nomination, but Barack Obama would crush her."

This sentiment was a nearly constant refrain in POLITICO interviews with top advisers to the candidates most frequently mentioned as running in 2012 and a diverse assortment of other top GOP officials.

It's a lengthy article but well worth the time.

I have to wonder how this may affect Palin's Fox News career. Will they push her out in an effort to undo her candidacy? Bribe her with something to keep her out of the race? Will she quit in the face of opposition from at least one of her colleagues? Somehow, I don't see partisan-loving Fox just sitting back and letting nature take its course here. I also don't see Palin just sitting back and taking the shots.

Grab the popcorn!

And just for the record... my money's on Rove.

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