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CT Officials Tightlipped About Coulter Voter Fraud Investigation

Reported by Ellen - October 6, 2010 -

Brad Friedman at BradBlog did a bit of digging into Ann Coulter's voter fraud case which, after nearly 20 months, is finally coming before the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission. Though I previously posted that the case is "going forward," it's unclear at this time whether Coulter will be convicted at the hearing, whether the investigation will be dismissed, whether it will be remanded for further investigation, referred to law enforcement or some other action.

Friedman sums up the significance of Coulter's case nicely:

While Fox "News" has spent uncountable hours stoking unfounded fears of "voter fraud" by groups like ACORN --- part and parcel of the GOP's strategy to create a false "epidemic" of fraud in hopes of encouraging polling place photo ID restrictions which, as non-partisan public interest groups have documented, would actually disenfranchise millions of legal minority, elderly and young (read: Democratic-leaning) voters --- Coulter remains on the Fox payroll as an analyst. She has not been asked about her own voter fraud in Florida on the Republican "news" channel since former Fox host Alan Colmes asked her about it in 2006.

Astoundingly, Coulter responded to Colmes with the self-incriminating response that she really lived in New York!

In my view, Fox News' voter-fraud fear mongering is also a good set up to challenge any election that's close. Last night, Bill O'Reilly just so happened to stoke up fears of voter fraud in Washington and Illinois, two states with close contests. O'Reilly's comments were blown up and amplified into a Fox Nation headline, "O'Reilly Warns of Massive Midterm Voter Fraud." Don't tell me this won't be Fox News' ace-in-the-hole "election controversy" for the GOP if either race is close and control of the senate hangs in the balance.

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