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More Fox “News” Immigrant Bashing From Brian Kilmeade

Reported by Priscilla - October 4, 2010 -

Last week, Rupert Murdoch became indignant when Democratic California Congresswoman Maxine Waters suggested that Murdoch’s network, Fox News, had an anti- immigrant stance. Fox’s great white father, Bill O’Reilly, in attacking Waters as “dishonest and disreputable,” said that Fox is not anti-immigrant but, rather, anti-illegal immigrant and as such is pro-law & order. Despite O’Reilly’s assertion, Fox is not exactly sympatico with legal immigrants. Who could forget John Gibson’s admonition to Americans, during a soliloquy about US changing population demographics, to “make more babies!” And that amusing ditty, “Press One for English,” which was featured on several Fox shows, isn’t about illegal immigrants – but rather a jingoistic whine about how Spanish language services are downright un-American. And today, one of the Fox “friends,” Brian Kilmeade, demonstrated his disdain for those who speak Spanish. (Read immigrants!). He didn’t understand why a recent Whitman/Brown debate was held in Spanish because “this is America.” Does Brian know that both George W Bush spoke in Spanish during his campaign and that Marco Rubio is doing it now? So if Fox News isn’t anti-immigrant (chortle, chortle), it appears that Brain (whoops, Brian, damn that dyslexia) Kilmeade might harbor some nativist feelings – or maybe he’s just stupid – or maybe he’s a stupid nativist. I report, you decide!


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