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Did Glenn Beck Encourage Pastors To Break The Law?

Reported by Priscilla - September 26, 2010 -

Today is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” – a day on which 100 pastors are “baiting” the IRS by endorsing political candidates. Persecuted Christian specialists, the Alliance Defense Fund, has organized this, the third annual protest which the IRS has ignored. These are the same folks who are allowed to distribute voter guides which basically tell their congregation how to vote. Both the Mormon and the Roman Catholic church poured huge bucks into defeating California’s Prop 8. The politicking of the religious right secured GW Bush his second term. So if they say they're being "muzzled," they're full of not so holy you know what. Yet they want more. They claim that their First Amendment rights have been violated. It’s ironic that those who have don’t pay taxes, while we do, are engaging in a act of civil disobedience as a protest against the law (passed in 1954) that gives them, as a non–profit, a tax exemption with the provision that they don’t “participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office.” Not all pastors agree that the prohibition against pastors as ward bosses should be changed. Rev, Barry Lynn says, "Clergy serve as spiritual advisers, not political bosses. Pulpit politicking violates federal tax law and offends the vast majority of church-goers.” But not offended is Glenn Beck’s bogus historian and “Wallbuilder,” David Barton who told Beck about this back in August. Beck thought it was awesome. Hmm, how do you think Beck and his “American Taliban” pals would react if evil progressives openly flouted a law that they think is unjust? How do you think Beck and his “American Taliban” pals would react if the government ignored alleged health violations at abortion clinics? I sense a double standard here. But today is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” praise Jesus and Glenn Beck!

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