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Fox Nation Race Baiting Headline

Reported by Priscilla - September 23, 2010 -

The Fox “News” hate site, otherwise known as Fox Nation, does love its incendiary headlines which serve to further divide an already divided America. Those who post headlines on Fox Nation know that this “nation” is an apartheid state in which the residents are proud, white Christians who hate anybody who isn’t. Yesterday, they posted a headline sure to get those Islamophobic juices flowing. And today, they have a headline sure to get the white sheets of our the closets of Fox Nation residents. The headline reads: “White Kid Beaten Up For Slavery.” The actual article which is linked from Fox Nation reads: “Pair Charged With Hate Crime In Beating Of West Seattle Teen.” While there was obviously enough evidence with which to charge a hate crime, until the case is litigated, the actions of the assailants are considered “alleged” – a word missing from the Fox Nation headline which could have been written “White Kid Allegedly Beaten Up For Slavery” or “White Kid Beaten Up For Slavery?” But who cares about such details when you need to get some nice conservative white racism going. Funny, when hate crimes are committed against minorities or gays, Fox Nation doesn’t seem to notice. This case is heinous; but for Fox Nation to use it to race bait is equally heinous. At Fox Nation, ain’t no party like a racist party! Praise the Lord!!!!