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Hannity And Beck Making A Killing On Hate

Reported by Ellen - September 22, 2010 -

Though Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck like to market themselves as great patriots, they're rich guys getting ever richer exploiting the polarization in our country. As an article from MarketWatch notes, "The nastiest political climate the United States has seen in 40-plus years isn’t negative for everyone. For hosts of conservative talk shows in particular, as well as for the companies that syndicate their programs, things couldn’t be better... Premiere Radio Networks, the syndicator of the top three talk-radio shows — hosted by Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck — are on pace to see advertising sales increase for those programs by 10% to 40% from last year, the company told MarketWatch."

The article goes on to say, "Even veteran radio consultants caution that in the current political climate there’s some risk the rhetoric can be taken too far." It cites some of Limbaugh's most extreme comments, such as, "How can America be Islamophobic? We elected Obama, didn’t we?”

But that's not a concern for the money-reapers, apparently. The article points out that Limbaugh would not speak the way he does without "the confidence of someone who doesn’t think he’s crossing the line." Or going to lose his paycheck. He has good reason for that confidence as do Hannity and Beck. A spokesman for Premiere told MarketWatch, "It’s only negative if you disagree with it." The same thinking seems to have taken hold on Fox News.

If these people were half the patriots they pretend to be, they'd have at least half a care about the effect their angry, inflammatory rhetoric might have on an already tense, polarized nation. Or they might look at ways to bring the country together and ease tensions. But they're more likely to vote for Obama's re-election - after all, if he's in office, it gives them a better target.

It's bad enough that these people are exploiting our country's woes for such massive profiteering. But to cloak themselves in the flag while they're doing it is downright un-American.