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GOP Civil War Rages On? Rove Challenges Palin To Prove Her Prowess By Getting O'Donnell Elected

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2010 -

During his interview on Fox News Sunday today, Karl Rove was generally gracious and complimentary about Sarah Palin, his new political antagonist. But near the end of the interview, Rove suggested Palin put up her political dukes and prove that she can help get her favored candidate, Christine O'Donnell, elected to the U.S. Senate. Rove, of course, has famously expressed his disapproval of O'Donnell's candidacy and disbelief in her electability prospects.

In this interview, Rove once again cited his concerns about O'Donnell's electability. Later, at about the 10:53 mark in the interview below, Wallace asked Rove about the importance of Sarah Palin in the Republican party. After ducking the question, Rove said she's "one of the front runners" for 2012 as the result of her VP nomination in 2008 and quickly added, "I don't know if she's THE front runner" and pointed out that there are "several geological ages" before the 2012 election.

Rove continued, "Look, if Sarah Palin wants to demonstrate her power and influence... she ought to go to Delaware and campaign for her favorite, Christine O'Donnell. She's tweeted on her behalf. She's mentioned her in a speech in Des Moines, Iowa. If she wants to demonstrate her political power, go to Delaware, take this candidate whom she's backing and get her across the finish line by campaigning with her in Delaware. Sarah Palin has enormous magnetism and a big following and let her employ it in the field on behalf - in the front lines on behalf of the candidate that she cares so much about."

In other words, Rove has thrown down the gauntlet to Palin to put up or shut up.

Grab the popcorn! It looks like we're in for quite a show!

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