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Ruh-Roh! Fox News Talking Down Palin's Possible Presidential Run

Reported by Ellen - September 18, 2010 -

In a follow up to his report yesterday about Sarah Palin being willing "to give it a shot" to run for president in 2012, Carl Cameron, appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, was about as damning with faint praise for Palin's potential candidacy as a supposedly neutral reporter could be on Fox. When one of the hosts chimed in with critical comments of his own, it signaled that the lack of enthusiasm came from beyond Cameron.

Reporting on Palin's speech in Iowa the night before, Cameron said, "For the most part, folks - what was on their minds was whether or not she can be president and whether or not she's running... Afterwards, there was some concern expressed by people that they're not sure if she's gonna run or if she should." In a nod to balance, Cameron immeidately added, "But no doubt she can certainly rally up Republicans." However, that remark was immediately followed by a clip of someone saying how disappointed he was that Palin had quit her job as governor.

Cameron went on to hint that Palin did not have the wherewithal to put together a national campaign by noting that Tea Party primary wins across the country were in states with small Republican electorates.

That suggestion was echoed when one of the Fox & Friends hosts just happened to point out that many other candidates already have a campaign structure, adding, "You can't just, as they say, parachute in (Iowa) and get out."

Memo to Sarah Palin: Be careful about messing with Karl Rove.

Or, on second thought, go right ahead. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see where this power struggle might take the GOP.

It's also worth noting, though Cameron played it straight, that Palin is still knocking "what she calls the lamestream media" and "gutless reporters for using anonymous sources." Yes, Palin is still talking tough about the media while cowering from all of them except Fox. Bok, bok, bok!

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