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Sean Hannity & Mike Huckabee Join Homophobic Hate Fest

Reported by Priscilla - September 13, 2010 -

For today’s Christian right, ain’t no party like a gay bashing party. And ain’t no gay bashing party like the Values Voters Summit, which will take place this week in Washington DC. Two of the party goers will be Fox “News” personalities Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee who will be addressing the crowd and otherwise palling around with important mullahs in the “American Taliban” (whoops, Christian right) who will be furiously beating their - uh - Korans (whoops Bibles) about the creeping “gay agenda.” Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council (which is sponsoring the event) says that allowing gays to openly serve in the military will be a problem because soldiers will be less willing to “spoon” in threatening situations. (Honest!) Persecuted Christian defender, Mat Staver, was part of a Liberty University forum on the national “threat” posed by the “gay agenda.” (Honest!) And right wing dominatrix and grande dame, Phyllis Schlafley thinks that the “radical” gay agenda is a threat to religious liberty.(Honest!) How bout good Christian jihadist (whoops crusader) Janet Parshall who suggested that Matthew Shepherd’s lifestyle was responsible for his murder and that gay adoption is “state sanctioned child abuse.” (Honest!) Bryan Fisher actually blasted Glenn Beck for defending people “who want to use the anus for sex.” (Honest!) If there were an award for homophobic best in show, Fisher might be the winner as he actually said (Honest!) that Hitler was gay and surrounded himself with gay soldiers because gays are just so savage. And I’ve just highlighted some gay bashing speakers. Discussion moderators include happy homophobes like the FRC’s Peter Sprigg who thinks that homosexuality should be outlawed. (Honest!) So Huckabee, who thinks that gays are like drug users and Hannity, who freaked out about gay men kissing at the Oscars, should be in good company in that red, white, and blue (no rainbow décor there) Values Voters Summit where the top value is homophobia!