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After Disastrous Debate, Jan Brewer Receives Republican Rehab On Hannity

Reported by Ellen - September 8, 2010 -

What a coincidence! Arizona governor Jan Brewer made a huge fool of herself during a gubernatorial debate last week, was forced to admit she was wrong when she had previously claimed that illegal immigrants were beheading people in the desert and then chickened out of doing any more debates. So just like Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller did when he felt the harsh glare of media attention, Brewer appeared last night (9/7/10) on Fox News’ Hannity show where she and Sean Hannity pretended not just that she has always been on top of her game, but that she’s a tenacious fighter who won’t give up.

Fox News’ “we report, you decide” motto notwithstanding, there was no mention of Brewer’s very embarrassing debate performance (second video below) in which she seemed to lose her train of thought completely when discussing her accomplishments. Then, after the debate, Brewer fled reporters, rather than answer their questions about why she would not recant her statements about beheadings (third video below). A few days later, in an interview with Associated Press, Brewer admitted, “I misspoke.” She also announced she'd do no more debating. None of that came up in the Hannity interview, either.

Instead, Hannity introduced Brewer as, “the woman who refuses to back down.”

After a series of attacks on the federal government, Brewer announced to Hannity and his audience, “I won’t give up! Arizona won’t give up… We’re gonna keep Arizona safe!”

Sure she will. Just so long as she doesn’t have to debate or face any tough questions.

The following two videos found via Huffington Post.

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