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Palin Too Chicken To Rebut Vanity Fair In The Mainstream Media?

Reported by Ellen - September 3, 2010 -

Just a few days after media coward Sarah Palin whined that Obama should get tougher questions from NBC, she took to Sean Hannity's radio show (where she was assured of nothing but sympathetic air time) to complain about a scathing article about her in Vanity Fair. Did Palin rebut any of the allegations in the article? Not that I heard. Instead, she came up with new insults about the media, calling them "Impotent, limp and gutless." Yet who's running from whom?

It's Palin who demands pre-approved questions, who won't allow the media to record her for more than three minutes and can only use the footage as B-roll and it's Palin who won't do any interview except with a friendly outfit while tossing Facebook bombs from the safety of knowing that no follow up questions will ensue.

If she's really half as tough as she likes to present herself as, she'd be clamoring to go mano-a-mano with such impotent losers.

So, Sarah, why aren't you?

You can tweet her with this question or any other comments at @sarahpalinusa

Audio via Huffington Post.