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Coulter’s Latest Hate Ploy: Saying Liberals Want To Eliminate Humans

Reported by Ellen - September 3, 2010 -

In a nauseating display of hypocrisy, Laura Ingraham and two-time voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter patted themselves on the back last night (9/2/10) for their graciousness in not blaming liberals for the Discovery gunman – the way liberals would surely do if they had the chance. No, Ingraham and Coulter merely attacked liberals for agreeing with the gunman, James Jay Lee, in general. Coulter, perhaps desperate to prove she’s still relevant on a Beckian media network, went so far as to say that the “end goal” for environmentalists (and by implication, liberals) is the “elimination of humans.” Host Ingraham, her gold cross ostentatiously displayed as usual, had no problem with that remark.

Ingraham, substituting for Bill O’Reilly, was more than a little unfair and imbalanced in her introduction as she described Lee as “a far-left loon and a big fan of Nobel Prize-winning environmentalist Al Gore.” In support of that statement, Fox News producers posted a graphic of Lee with the caption, “environmental militant.”

What “we report, you decide” Fox did not tell their viewers is that Lee was also virulently anti-immigrant, saying, for example, “Programs must be developed to find solutions to stopping ALL immigration pollution and the anchor baby filth that follows.”

In an unconservatively low cut, sleeveless top, Coulter said, “I don’t think you can jump quickly the way liberals always do (to say) this guy was a fan of a particular political view and then he killed someone.”

She added that there were two points to be made: “Overall the political violence is heavily committed by liberals – white liberals, I might add (she offered no evidence for that assertion, nor did host Ingraham ask for any). And secondly, in this case, the environmentalist nuts, I mean this is their end goal. Not just the ones who pull out the guns. It is the elimination of humans.”

No challenge from Ingraham there, either. She chimed in agreeably, “It’s a save-the-whales, abort-the-babies approach to life. And this guy represented that mindset. Conservatives don’t go around extrapolating from the criminal acts and say, ‘OK, all liberals who are engaged in helping Al Gore are responsible for this.’ We’re just pointing out the selective moral outrage expressed by the left and the American media. Which if this shoe were on the other foot, this would be the news that would have probably swamped Hurricane Earl today.”

I guess Ingraham and Coulter must have missed Fox Nation’s blaring headline, “Environmental Militant ‘Awakened’ By Al Gore?” Or Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends saying, “[T]he gunman's extreme environmentalist views may have been sparked by an Al Gore documentary? Where's the media outrage there?" or Big Government’s post "An Inconvenient Truth: Enviros' Doomsday Rhetoric Breeds Eco-Terror."

Generous-spirited Coulter reiterated her "witticism:" “It is more than that. They do not like humans… They want there to be more earth worms. We have to shut down dams that allow people to live because humans are a blight on the earth.”

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