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Media Coward Palin Whines Obama Not Given Tough Enough Questions

Reported by Ellen - August 31, 2010 -

Sarah Palin was in a hypocritical snit that NBC’s Brian Williams didn’t ask President Obama tough enough questions in their interview Sunday night. Talking about it on Hannity on Monday (8/30/10), Palin sneered about the “mainstream, lamestream media” not asking “those basic questions” by which she meant that Williams should have grilled Obama for saying, “a mechanism, a network of misinformation that in a new media era can get churned out there constantly… I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead.” Yes, the same Sarah Palin who hides from that “lamestream” media and only seems willing to “discuss” policy by posting on Facebook (where she can’t be questioned), who can’t take it when Bill O’Reilly challenges her, whose demands at her speaking engagements include pre-approved questions only, pre-approval of any media attendance at least 10 days in advance, and recording by the media of no more than three minutes of any speech which is to be used for B-roll footage only – that Sarah Palin is whining that the media needs to be more aggressive - well, with Barack Obama.

But before they got to media criticism, Sean Hannity accused Obama of bringing up his birth certificate “yet again. He just can’t seem to stop talking about it.”

Apparently, Hannity conveniently forgot how much coverage Fox News has given to the birth certificate issue, including a Fox Nation story that put a photo of Obama in Muslim-looking gear to go with its headline, “Obama Birth Certificate Challenge Wins Small Court Victory.” Hannity, himself, gave legitimacy to that lawsuit on his show at least twice.

Palin immediately started whining that Williams should have followed up by asking “What is (Barack Obama) insinuating?" She continued, "I was pretty appalled at that notion that Brian Williams was just letting him get away with that kind of false accusation that there is some kind of suggested right-wing conspiracy again. Especially knowing that the media still, the mainstream, lame-stream media, they’re in his back pocket still.” She made one of her unattractive, lip-curling smiles.

Hannity, who never challenged birther Jerome Corsi when he was on the show, who gave ACORN scamster Hannah Giles and her mentor, Andrew Breitbart, passes when they told what Hannity clearly (rightly) suspected were outright lies, said there seemed to be “some pretty basic questions that went unasked in this interview… What is it about the basic questions that these guys can’t seem to come up with?”

Palin complained, “They won’t even ask those basic questions. Nobody’s gonna ask those basic questions unless the president were to (she fumbled for the right word) to join you on your show… The state of journalism today is very, very sad, with that mainstream media allowing the president to make these kind of false accusations…”

Palin said she borrowed a line from Bill Clinton and called media reporting on Obama, “A 'fairy tale' that Barack Obama wants to perpetuate and lay all over the American people and the media is not asking him the questions like you’re pointing out right now that have to be asked!”

So now that Palin is such a champion of tough reporting and digging, let’s ask her when we can expect her to submit to some tough questions from someone outside of Fox News. You can tweet her at @sarahpalinusa or comment on her Facebook page. I’m sure that with her newfound desire for real debate and discussion, she won’t be blocking anyone who dares to disagree with her, as she has in the past.

I'll be asking her and reporting back on any responses - or lack thereof.

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