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Laura Ingraham Thinks It’s “Important” To Use Inflammatory Rhetoric Discussing “Ground Zero Mosque”

Reported by Ellen - August 27, 2010 -

Laura Ingraham went into full banshee mode (H/T Stephen Colbert) Wednesday night (8/25/10) while guest hosting The O’Reilly Factor during a discussion about – what else? – the so-called ground zero mosque. The night before, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had given a speech in which he not only reaffirmed his support for the Islamic cultural center that includes a mosque but also argued that such support is a reaffirmation of American values and a stance against terrorism. Ingraham was clearly miffed at the idea. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer was one of two guests in support of Bloomberg. As Stringer suggested that it was time to “tone down” the rhetoric surrounding the proposed cultural center/mosque, Ingraham spat, “No, I’m going to keep the temperature up because I think this is important.”

Stringer told Ingraham, “A few, very well-orchestrated agitators have created a situation where we have now seen tea party people going after Jewish American elected officials… they’re using this as a national political wedge issue.”

Then Stringer brought up the Muslim New York City taxi driver who had been stabbed by a passenger who asked him if he was Muslim.

Though Ingraham had earlier swallowed without question Dick Morris’ unsubstantiated allegation that the purpose of the so-called mosque is to “indoctrinate” U.S. Muslims in “revolting” sharia law, she now turned shrill and shrewish. She dismissed the stabbing incident by saying, “Well, we don’t know the details… Throwing out examples like that, we don’t know the details of that, Scott.” Actually, we’ve got plenty of details, as FoxNews.com reports – not that I’ve seen a single discussion of the case on either O’Reilly or Hannity about this unsettling incident. In fact, there were at least as many details available about the stabbing as Megyn Kelly had when she put forth the “DOJ gives preferential treatment to black voter-fraudsters” story to Ingraham right there on The O'Reilly Factor in July.

As Ingraham started to unleash her inner banshee, Stringer told her, “We should tone this down. Let’s tone it down.”

Ingraham snapped, “No, I’m going to keep the temperature up because I think this is important… “

How many more incidents of violence have to occur before Fox News stops sounding like Radio Rwanda?

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