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David Limbaugh Gets A Warm Fox News Welcome To Sell His Hate Mongering Book

Reported by Ellen - August 24, 2010 -

Once again, Fox News demonstrates that there’s almost nothing too incendiary that can be said about President Obama on Fox News. David Limbaugh, author of yet another anti-Obama screed, has been warmly welcomed on at least two Fox News programs to hype his Beckian, Obamapocalypse rhetoric. Limbaugh was not just favorably received and validated by Sean Hannity but also by “objective” host Megyn Kelly. Kelly did offer some challenge to Limbaugh but it was the kind of challenge you give to someone with whom you have a rational disagreement, not the kind of challenge you give to someone unhinged with hatred for our president.

Although Hannity whines about liberals “besmirching” and “smearing” their opponents, he was positively ecstatic over Limbaugh’s book. “It's not just because we've been friends a long time,” Hannity told his pal. “This is the defining book for the election.”

Here are some of the “defining” comments by Limbaugh:

I hate to be melodramatic or hyperbolic but I really believe that the nation is at a turning point. We either go full blown toward socialism, Marxism, Statism or we turn back and restore our founding principles.

This upcoming election in November will tell the tale. And I wanted to write this book to do my part to explore Obama's agenda, how destructive it has been for America, and to analyze his personality traits and how those two things coincide to create a combustible, devastating combination that has -- will turn America upside down, bankrupt us, make us vulnerable to enemies.

…This is not the America I grew up in.

…I'm saying (Obama) has no respect for the Constitution. It's a means to an end for him… He has no respect for the law

On America Live, Kelly validated Limbaugh's credibility by ignoring his history of inflammatory hatemongering against Democrats and liberals and hosting him as the sole, presumably dispassionate, expert for a segment purportedly about Obama's sinking approval ratings. She helped that along by disingenuously introducing Limbaugh merely as the “bestselling author of the new book” and brother of Rush Limbaugh. Kelly also gushed that Limbaugh is becoming “more famous himself by the day.”

Kelly did offer some legitimate pushback to Limbaugh, especially when she challenged his assertion that attending Rev. Wright’s church signified that Obama’s a racist. But she evidenced no problem with the tenor of Limbaugh’s allegations, other than to mildly remark that his book is “a pretty scathing indictment of the presidency.” So, for example, when Limbaugh called Obama “a radical, radical leftist,” Kelly ignored the comment and moved on to the next subject.

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