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Neil Cavuto Compares Government Spending To Being Lethally Addicted To Smoking

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 21, 2010 -

By Brian

On Thursday (8/19/10), Your World host Neil Cavuto gave new meaning to the term “incendiary rhetoric” as he compared government spending to smoking. Not only did he suggest that (Democratic) spending is addictive but that it’s lethal.

In his “Commen Sense” editorial segment, Cavuto said, "I remember, years ago, visiting a buddy of mine in the hospital. He was battling lung cancer. And he was losing – a lifelong smoker who wasn't long for this life… He had just had a tracheotomy… So you can imagine my utter amazement and shock… when my friend reaches for a cigarette and actually started smoking it through that hole in his throat. My jaw dropped… And within weeks, sadly, he was something else, dead."

Cavuto went on to call government spending "a fix our politicians that can't be cured or an addiction that they can't beat. The difference is, it’s not just their fix or their addiction. It is our fix, our addiction and our illness. They are literally making us sick and they don't care… That stimulus that hasn't worked, the rescues that themselves needed rescuing… All that money up in smoke and they're still smoking. And we’re the ones still gagging. I think government initiatives should come with warning labels like cigarette packs. 'This product may destroy your fiscal and financial health… and you too.' "

Cavuto continued, "But we don't attach warnings to programs… or easy to read labels to the politicians who pimp them, do we? …You don't need an X-ray for anyone to tell you it doesn't look good, so what's the harm in one more puff?" Before you, me, all of us, are just – poof!

Comment: Will Cavuto collect Social Security or Medicare when eligible? Did his kids go to public schools? What about driving on public roads and bridges? Does he want to give them up? If not, Cavuto is addicted too, according to his own ridiculous definition.

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