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When Will Hannity Return His Salary To Saudi Arabian News Corp. Shareholder?

Reported by Ellen - August 20, 2010 -

Unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity just can’t seem to demagogue enough about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. Last night (8/19/10), in yet ANOTHER discussion about the supposedly radical Islamicism that will be foisted on New Yorkers if the mosque is built, Hannity went on a rant about Sharia law, as practiced in Saudi Arabia, suggesting that any money from Saudi Arabia is tainted by fundamentalist Islamicism. Hannity also praised guest Rudy Giuliani for turning down what he and Hannity felt was similarly tainted money from a Saudi prince. But the same Saudi prince Giuliani rebuffed is also the Saudi prince who is partnered with News Corp, the parent company of Fox News. Surely Hannity would not want to continue accepting money from this guy.

Giuliani speculated that the reason the mosque principals don’t want to negotiate with New York Governor David Paterson is because “they don’t want to answer questions about where the money’s coming from. Maybe they don’t want to answer questions about the imam saying that America was an accessory to September 11.” Then, apropos of nothing related to the mosque, Giuliani boasted, “That’s the reason I gave the money back to the Arab sheik or prince who gave us $10 million. Because he wanted to say that American foreign policy was an accessory to September 11.”

Hannity said, “That was the right and courageous thing to do.”

Oh, really? Then I guess we can expect Hannity to do the “right and courageous” thing with his salary. The Arab prince who offered New York City the money when Giuliani was mayor was none other than Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, who also owns 7% of News Corp. - about $3 billion worth. He’s the same Saudi prince who is the second biggest shareholder after the Murdoch family. Furthermore, News Corp. has invested $70 million for a 9% stake in the prince’s Middle Eastern media and entertainment conglomerate.

Hannity went on to say ominously that the mosque principals are “now saying they might accept money from Iran. They might accept money from Saudi Arabia. This guy says he wants America to be Sharia compliant and, as the mayor pointed out… 19 days after 9/11, he accused America of being an accessory to 9/11.” Hannity was talking about the proposed mosque’s imam, not the prince, but the comments about 9/11 Hannity found so objectionable were substantially the same.

Hannity went on to distort the imam’s words, much as Media Matters has previously deconstructed, so as to suggest that he has a secret agenda to force strict Sharia law on the U.S. Hannity added. “We know what life under Sharia is… That is that women don’t have rights. Women can’t drive in many Sharia countries, or countries with Sharia law. Women are stoned to death.”

As the BBC reports, a strict interpretation of the Sharia serves as the supreme law of the land in Saudi Arabia.

Given its ties to an America-hating prince from a Sharia-loving country, can there be any doubt that Hannity will want to stop taking money from News Corp. ASAP?

You can contact the show at [email protected].

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