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Fox News Regular Suggests Obama Is Really A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - August 20, 2010 -

Sean Hannity was obviously very eager to blame President Obama’s outreach to Muslims as the cause for a new Pew poll finding that 18% of Americans believe he is a Muslim, up from 11% a year and a half ago. A plurality, 43%, don’t know what religion he is. But Hannity and his two Obama-bashing guests jumped at the chance to join Hannity in the demagoguery. One guest, the Islamophobic Brigitte Gabriel, put forth a series of falsehoods and distortions – including the now-debunked smear that Obama attended a Muslim school - in order to suggest that Obama is in fact really a Muslim. Hannity made the weakest of rebuttals, clearly indicating that while he would not go so far himself, he had no real problem with Gabriel's assessment.

Right in his introduction, Hannity blamed Obama for the misperception. “President Obama’s backing of the mosque appears to have skewed the perception many Americans have of the religion he practices.”

The choice of guests – Gabriel and the pseudo-Democrat Pat Caddell – was further evidence that Hannity was looking for a pile on.

Hannity began by “asking” Gabriel, “Brigitte, why does (sic) one in four Americans think Barack Obama – we know he went to Trinity United, we know he sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright, studied black liberation theology, why do you think one in four think that he is a Muslim?”

Gabriel, with her ghoulish grin, let loose a torrent of hideous attacks in her hideous, shrieky voice, “Because of his actions… pandering to the Islamic world, apologizing on behalf of America to the Islamic world, praising the Islamic world while putting America down,” etc.

Later, after Hannity went “through the history of this” with his own smearing of Obama as too Muslim-friendly - and “Democrat” Caddell said the findings “signal” that Americans think “the man we thought we elected and the man we’ve elected, we’re not sure!” – it was time for Gabriel to shriek again, this time with a slew of distortions and falsehoods:

Gabriel said, "The signs and the information were all out there. President Obama was born into the Islamic faith raised as a Muslim as a child, had a father who was a Muslim, he attended Islamic schools.”

Not quite. Obama was born a Muslim in only the loosest sense that his father was a Muslim. Snopes.com reports, “Senator Obama’s family histories note that his father was an atheist or agnostic (i.e. no longer a practicing Muslim) by the time he married the younger Obama’s mother.” Furthermore, the parents separated when young Barack was two and he had almost no contact with his father after that. As for “attended Islamic schools,” that’s an old smear Fox News embarrassed itself with once already. As AP reports, Obama attended a public school and a Catholic school when he lived in Indonesia, a Muslim country.

Gabriel added, “I cannot speak on what God he prays to in his private space… But all the signs shows that he has a very soft spot for the Islamic world.”

Hannity challenged none of her assertions other than, half-heartedly, her claim that Obama is a Muslim. But he obviously didn’t think it reflected at all on her caliber as a guest. “Brigitte, always good to see you,” Hannity said, as he closed the segment.

You can contact Hannity at [email protected] and Gabriel’s organization via [email protected].

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