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Hannity's Ground Zero Mosque Obsession Eclipses Withdrawal Of Combat Troops In Iraq

Reported by Ellen - August 19, 2010 -

Remember when Sean Hannity cared so much about the Iraq war, that he called a 2007 proposal to end it the "Embolden Our Enemies Act?" How he worried that a Democratic win in 2008 would mean "retreat, defeat and surrender" in Iraq? Well, he seems to have completely lost interest in that war, at least in comparison to the Ground Zero mosque. While he has harped on the mosque incessantly, I have not seen a single discussion about the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq.

Does Hannity really think the mosque is more important than the war he once threw a Hanctimonious hissy fit when a Democrat proposed ending it?

So does Hannity think we won this important war? That we have emboldened our enemies? Or does he only care about our troops when he can use them as pawns in his never-ending war against Democrats?

(H/T Scott L.)

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