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Steve Doocy Cheers “Pro-life” Victory

Reported by Priscilla - August 18, 2010 -

As the mouthpiece for the right wing, Fox “News” is also a conduit for those who are against a woman’s right to reproduction choice. The most egregious example of this is the Bill O’Reilly campaign against Dr. George Tiller – a campaign for which O’Reilly won a "courage" award from a “family values” group and which added to the climate of anti-choice hatred which resulted in the death of Dr. Tiller (whose death is seen as “justifiable homicide” by many of Bill’s “pro-life” pals.) Planned Parenthood “sting video” producer, Lila Rose was given a warm welcome by Hannity (here and here) while O’Reilly endorsed her latest video. Radical, anti-choice Catholic priest, Father Frank Pavone, was interviewed by Martha MacCallum who recently tsked tsked about a British pro-choice TV ad. Fox & Friends provided a shout out to the anti-choice lobby in their recent piece which promoted a video done by an anti-choice law firm which was representing an anti-choice haranguer of women (whoops, praying Christian) walking into a Planned Parenthood. And today, Steve Doocy, who once said that "the bible opposes abortion," during a discussion smearing Nancy Pelosi for her support of abortion rights, provided hosannas in the highest for a “pro-life” victory for students who can now wear their anti-choice couture to school. During the segment, the student’s Christian lawyer was able to articlulate standard anti-choice rhetoric, thus providing a shout out to Fox & Friends anti-choice fans. Funny, when a federal judge said that the rights of a Mississippi lesbian student were violated, when the school prohibited her from attending a prom, Fox & Friends were mum. They obviously know their demographics very well.

Today’s segment, as was the Planned Parenthood praying guy, a Fox “exclusive.” Doocy, in his best dramatic voice, reported that an evil, librul school forced a student to take off her “pro-life” tee shirt, on “National Pro-life Tee shirt day,” (sponsored by the Catholic "American Life League") because it was a violation of the dress code. And praise be to the Baby Jesus, the student won her court case. Doocy asked why the Tiffany Amador why she wore the shirt and she said that her mother raised her to believe that “thou shall not murder” and abortion “is murdering an innocent life when you commit abortion.” She said that the assistant principal told her to take it off. (One hopes that this person is not getting death threats from angry “pro-lifers”) Doocy asked the scripted question about how she felt. When she said that she was “upset,” Doocy said “I don’t blame you.” Doocy congratulated her attorney, Bill Becker (of the pro-life Christian Thomas More Center which also represented the Planned Parenthood prayer dude). Doocy said that “this is huge victory for free speech.” Becker said that “this is a huge victory for the unborn children in the country.” (Scuse me, permission to wear an anti-choice tee shirt is a victory for fetuses (correct medical term), how?) Becker continued that this student is the voice for these “unborn children.” Doocy referenced how the school couldn’t prove that the shirt was “disruptive.” Becker said that the fetus images on the shirt, under the phrase “going, going, gone,” were “beautiful.” He described them as “endoscopic images of an unborn baby.” He continued that the school kept referring to this as a fetus. (The anti-choice movement doesn’t like the correct clinical term because “unborn baby” has more emotional cachet and “personifies” the fetus). He repeated that “these are beautiful pictures” and the school couldn’t explain how they were “too graphic.” Doocy asked Tiffany how she felt “after the big win” and she said she was happy because she “was chosen to be the voice for the children who didn’t have one.” Anti-choice Doocy said “well said.”

Comment: Gloria in excelsis Deo. Not only did Fox & Friends get to report on a victory for their beloved anti-choice pals; but they were able to provide a “voice” for a movement that seeks to curtail women’s reproductive freedom. Not only did Steve Doocy provide an opportunity for the aggrieved student to discuss her case; but he provided affirmation so it wasn’t just about “free speech.” Personally, as a card carrying member of the ACLU, I support this student. I don’t understand how an anti-choice tee shirt is “disruptive.” What I don’t support is how the “right to life” uses Fox “News” as its mouthpiece. But here’s a question: Do you think Steve Doocy would be as favorably disposed to a student who was forced to take off a tee shirt that said “my body, my choice.” Just saying…


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