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Sean Hannity’s Memory Lapse About Conservative Death Wishes For Democrats

Reported by Ellen - August 16, 2010 -

Sean Hannity was in a Hanctimonious uproar Thursday night (8/12/10) about Democratic wishful thinking that Sarah Palin had been on the plane with former Senator Ted Stevens when it crashed in Alaska last week. Hannity said, ”What is it with liberals and Democrats that hate this woman and the vitriol that is said about her? …No Republican, no conservative commentator could say anything similar, nor should they about any Democrat.” Well, except maybe Ted Nugent and Ann Coulter, both frequent guests on Hannity's shows (where he has defended their murderous comments), and his Fox News colleague Glenn Beck.

Republican guest Alice Stewart said, “First of all, liberals over all are intimidated by (Palin).

For once, Democrat Doug Schoen, one of the other guests, did not endorse the GOP meme going on. But he was not exactly an advocate for Democrats. He overlooked how liberals at Netroots Nation recently overwhelmingly chose Palin as their GOP candidate of choice for 2012 – and it’s not because they think she’d be formidable. (Full disclosure: I was one of those who voted for her)

Schoen said, “It’s abhorrent what’s happened to our politics on the right and the left.” But when challenged by Hannity to give an example, Schoen could only seem to think of Ben Quayle.

“I want a similar example wishing Governor Palin dead!” Hannity demanded.

OK, since you asked.

How about Ted Nugent? During the 2008 presidential campaign, Nugent said Obama should “suck on my machine gun” and that Hillary Clinton “might want to ride one of these (guns) into the sunset.” Hannity not only didn’t condemn Nugent, Hannity defended those awful remarks by likening them to Democratic criticisms of Bush's war policy. Hannity also called Nugent a "friend."

Then there's Ann Coulter. Coulter joked in 2006 about poisoning Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. She also suggested in 1998 that Bill Clinton should be assassinated, And right there on Hannity’s show, she joked that Rahm Emanuel’s brother is on her “death list” then added, “Hold the applause.” Need I mention that Hannity showed no concern about her comments?

And let’s not forget Glenn Beck who joked about putting poison in Nancy Pelosi’s wine.

But despite being a Fox News contributor, Schoen couldn’t seem to think of any of those incidents. He told Hannity, “Can we stop fighting with one another and deal with the economy and terror for our common good?”

That's a nice sentiment, Doug. So how come you gushed over Andrew Breitbart's discredited, designed-to-demonize ACORN videos? Why did you suggest President Obama is undermining democracy? Why did you validate Hannity's "Democrats always need somebody to hate" attack without pointing out the non-stop hatred toward Democrats that spews from his show every night?

You can contact the show at [email protected].

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