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Fox & Friends & Persecuted Patriotic Students

Reported by Priscilla - August 10, 2010 -

Along with persecuted Christians, Fox & Friends specializes in persecuted “patriots” – especially those persecuted by Washington DC Park Police who tell young Christians and young patriots that they’re in violation of Park policy. Fox & Friends loves patriots. They gave warm support to the “Young Republican” who fought to get the Pledge of Allegiance reinstated in his school. They promoted a University of New Hampshire student who actually admitted that when the school told him to take his large American flag down from the window ledge where it was hanging, it was a matter of policy. They provided comfort to a PA firefighter who was suspended for putting a flag decal on his locker. And today, they are giving a warm embrace to students who were told to stop singing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial – the place where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech and where Glenn Beck and his pals, on the anniversary of this historic speech, will hold a rally advocating, oh I don’t know, armed revolution? And if you’re not sufficiently patriotic, Fox & Friends will let you know, as did Brian Kilmeade who was none too happy about Mennonite students who only play an instrumental version of the anthem at sports events. But yesterday, Fox News had an article by Fox culture clubber, Todd Starnes about this newest travesty against students attending a conference hosted by the right wing Young America’s Foundation. As soon as I saw the article, which was in the three left hand sub ledes, I knew that this issue would make to at least one Fox “opinion” show. Now, if only I could predict the Powerball winning numbers!!!!

Former weather guy Steve Doocy reported on how this group from the Young America’s Foundation, who broke into an impromptu National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial, was told to STFU by those pesky (and unpatriotic) Park Police. BTW, the Young America’s Foundation’s staff is a veritable directory of who was who in the GOP, including the “macaca” guy, George Allen. The chyron: “Too Loud for Lincoln, National Anthem Gets Security Scolding.” Doocy claimed that a Park Service worker yelled “you can’t sing here, you gotta shut up” at these fine, upstanding paragons of young right wing values. Uber alles patriot and former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson said “that is unbelievable. One might feel that there is any place in the entire country that you might feel a little patriotic, it might be there.” The chyron hit the agitprop right out to the park: "Patriotism Silenced Be Security, How Loud is Too Loud for National Anthem.” Doocy had to admit that this was a violation of law in a place that must be content neutral. After being told to stifle themselves, they did a bit of civil disobendience and continued singing. Gretch said that other folks joined in the singing and that’s called “people deciding to do what’s right.” She added the caveat that “we’re obviously not going to condone committing a crime. You think that’s criminal?” Brian Kilmeade showed a rare moment of clarity when he asked how she would feel if they sung the Canadian National Anthem or hummed the Russian theme song?” Gretch said that in NY City they have “parades all the time with people holding all kinds of different flags.” (Uh, NY City streets vs. a National Monument – Gretch, Gretch, as Jon Stewart asked “why did you check your IQ at the door?”) Doocy whined that “they’re singing the National Anthem at a national monument." Agitprop chyron: “Student Sing-a-long Silenced, Nat’l Anthem ‘too Loud’ for Security.” He continued “with all due respect to the Park Police and those who came up with this stupid law” (Oh, those do-do head policy makers) “this is dumb.” (Oh, Oh, Oh, the irony!) He said that “if there’s one place on earth, Gretch mentioned, that you should be able to break into song, it’s on the steps of the National Anthem.” (Did anybody say dumb?) He added that these young people come from all areas of the country “to celebrate American government.” Dumb got even dumber with “if they’re told by a guy with, in a hat that they sing, that’s kooky.” (Oh, don’t ya love those old school hipster dufus references.) Kilmeade joked about whether he should get credit for presenting the other side and was told by the producers “no.”

Comment: Hey Gretch, how would ya feel if a bunch of Obama socialist kids started singing the “Internationale" or if an imam gave an Islamic call to prayer at the Lincoln Memorial?? But you and your little pals are just so right - somebody really needs to do something about those “dumb” rules at National Monuments so young conservative patriots can impress us with their patriotism!