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Fox & Friends Clayton Morris Validates Tucker Carlson’s Anti Islamic Bigotry

Reported by Priscilla - August 4, 2010 -

In America’s “culture war,” Fox & Friends is very clear about their allegiances. Last year, they provided at least three months of coverage for right wing (“nutty?”) professor Larry Schweikart’s weekly diatribes about so called “liberal bias” in public school texts. They offered no counterpoint. During the “Texas textbook war,” Fox & Friends joined the crusade against “liberal bias” in the texts being reviewed by the Texas Board of Education. As I noted in my reports, their coverage of this “war,” was straight up radical right wing agitprop which provided a platform for “outraged” right wing parents and lawyers from conservative “Christian” law firms – and one, very right wing member of the Texas Board of Education. There was no counterpoint provided by Fox & Friends. So are we surprised that today, Fox & Friends is aiding and abetting the complaint, by a former member of a local Texas school board (where else!) about how textbooks favor Islam and attack Christianity?! Assisting in this new front in the textbook wars is famous “dick” Tucker Carlson who, despite a degree from the reality based Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut and membership in a posh non "bible thumping" Anglican Church, is now part of a jihad (whoops crusade) led by those who seek to rewrite history according to their Dominionist Christian world view – a view that wants the Bible to supersede the Constitution as the framework for American law. But today’s focus on how the Islamic “agenda,” is influencing texts, is also part of an ugly Fox anti Islamic narrative that demonstrates that the “America” of “America’s Newsroom” does not welcome Islam. Oh, and the whole discussion was based on another one of Fox & Friends’ favorite memes - “persecuted Christians.”

The anti Islamic propaganda began immediately with the “Cavuto marked” question (actually Fox “fact”): “A Textbook Case of Bias? Man Claims Curriculum Favors Islam.” Clayton Morris (whose girlfriend just gave birth to his son – congrats Clayton) began with the question: “Are special interest groups hijacking our children’s education?” He said that a former Texas school board member “claims that there’s increasing evidence that textbooks are biased against American culture especially in matters of religion where the Islamic faith receives praise and the Christian faith is attacked. Will this pro-Islam propaganda ever be put to an end?” (Uh, Morris, I think that should be “alleged” pro-Islam propaganda but then that wouldn’t be part of your propaganda.) Morris asked Tucker Carlson if this "support of Islam over Chrisitianity" (Uh, Morris, I don’t think we established this yet) is “pretty overt.” Tucker agreed that it was and cited studies by the American Textbook Council and Gilbert Sewall (an anti-Islamic scholar whose work is cited by radical right wing, anti-Islamic types like David Horowitz and Pam Geller and is featured on “Jihad Watch” so no bias there…) who showed that textbooks “consistently play down unattractive elements of Islam.” (Hey Tucker, should our texts include the views of “Christians” who think that killing abortion doctors is “justifiable homicide?”) Without identifying the source, Carlson provided stats about how texts emphasize the brutality of the Crusades which, of course, is accurate considering that Christian crusaders, in addition to killing Muslims in their own land, killed Jews in Europe and fellow Christians in Constantinople. He claimed that texts ignore the spread of Islam by violence. (Does Tucker know that under Islam, both Jews and Christians were tolerated – whereas Christian countries were not as tolerant?) His comment that this “a clear effort to whitewash history” was ironic in that his comment, that conquering Muslim didn’t force conversions, is inaccurate – the convert or die thing was much more popular in Medieval Christian countries. Inasmuch as Tucker and his “Christians” pals don’t want to admit it, the areas of Muslim conquest were either weak in their Christianity or not even Christians – hence the large number of conversions to a religion that was – sorry to say, Tucker – attractive to the conquered populations.

Morris showed a visual of the cover of one of the “pro-Islamic” books with a 1998 copyright and “McDougal” as the publisher. (The newest edition of this book, published by Holt McDougal, is 2007; so one questions how many schools are even using the older one.) Carlson claimed that “jihad” is never given violent connotations. Agitprop chyron: “Islam in the Classroom, Man Fights Pro-Muslim Bias in Textbooks.” Note – Fox is stating bias as a “fact” when it’s just an opinion supported only by Carlson’s right wing, anti-Islamic “research.” Morris laughed when Tucker “joked” that the definition is an “inner struggle against sin.” (Would Morris chuckle if somebody were making fun of Christianity?) Tucker then attacked another text which had the nerve to say that “the church laid the foundation for anti-Semticism.” Tucker should read “Constantine’s Sword” by former Catholic priest James Carroll, as it provides a detailed history of how anti-Semitism was begun by the Roman Catholic Church. Another “sin” of this book – describing Crusaders massacre of European Jews – which, of course, happened! Morris provided some scripted right wing propaganda with his comment that these texts seem go against the Texas education code which requires that books be “fair and open to all” and “this seems to be favoring one over the other.” Tucker agreed and said that curriculums are “under attack by multi-cultural group who are bending the curriculum to their will.” (Oh, the irony!) The concluding agitprop chyron: “Attack on Christianity, Book Highlights Negatives of Religion.”

Comment: Carlson is neither an educator, a publisher, nor a historian. He is a right wing ideologue. As such, it might behoove Fox & Friends to provide some counterpoint. Nah, that might cut into the propaganda messages of evil Islam, good Christianity, librul bias, and persecuted "Christians."