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Megyn Kelly's Regular Go-To Guy On Immigration: Lou Dobbs

Reported by Ellen - August 2, 2010 -

I'm noticing a pattern here. Very often, when Megyn Kelly's America Live show is discussing immigration issues, her sole guest is Lou Dobbs. Dobbs is by no means the only expert to discuss the subject on the show but when he appears he appears alone, without an explanation to the "we report, you decide" network's viewers that he has espoused extremist, anti-immigration views offensive to many - including espousing birtherism. This, despite the fact that America Live airs 1-3 PM, during what is supposed to be part of Fox News' "objective news" lineup. I should note that Dobbs was pretty reasonable today and he even opposed the latest GOP movement to amend the Constitution to repeal automatic citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants in the U.S.

Dobbs was on America Live today as well as on July 27, 2010, July 19, 2010, and June 22, 2010, for example. On none of those shows did Kelly disclose Dobbs' controversial background.

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