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Fox “News” Promotes Bogus Obama Boy Scout “Diss”

Reported by Priscilla - July 28, 2010 -

Lest you think that Fox “News” isn’t a mouthpiece for the American right wing, I give you Fox’s promotion of the newest right wing outrage. Never ones to miss an opportunity to slam President Obama, the right wing have their clean, white panties in a bunch about how, as Obama will be taping a segment on “The View” today, he will not be able to put in an appearance at the Boy Scout 100th Anniversary Jamboree. It all started with a report on the conservative, Christian CNS website in which Penny Starr reported that (gasp) Obama, the “honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts” would not be able to speak, in person, to the Scouts gathering in Virginia because he would be busy with those evil, librual (with the exception of the Madonna like conservative, Liz Hasselbeck) women. I’m being snarky; but if you check out any right wing blog, the dudes who post hate, I mean really, really, hate the liberal women on “The View” After the publication of this perceived slight to the Scouts, the right wing blogosphere ignited. To her credit, Starr and the Fox article included the Boy Scout response which the other blogs excluded. So are we surprised that the Fox News website, the Fox hate site "Fox Nation," and Fox “opinion” journalists and a Fox “news” anchor are running with this grievance offense!

Thing is that Obama will be “appearing” via a pretaped video. Thing is that none of the anti-choice presidents (Reagan and both Bush’s) appeared in person at the big anti-choice marches on Washington; but rather sent taped messages. Thing is that the right wing and Fox News never complained about that. But it’s funny that Fox"News" is giving so much positive attention to the Boy Scouts because the last Girl Scout report was about how their leaders were passing out explicit sex guides!