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What Happened To Megyn Kelly's Big Interest In The DOJ/New Black Panther Case?

Reported by Ellen - July 16, 2010 -

For weeks now, Megyn Kelly has been suggesting that scary black men with billyclubs are on their way to a voting booth near you, thanks to the racial favoritism of the Obama Justice Department supposedly at the heart of their decision not to prosecute a small band of fringe African American activists. Yet two days after Kelly had a prima donna meltdown on the air when a Fox News colleague, Democrat Kirsten Powers, challenged the significance of the story, there was almost no discussion about it on Kelly's America Live show yesterday (7/15/10).

Kelly did take time out to visit the O'Reilly Factor last night but the discussion was more about media coverage - i.e. attacking the so-called "liberal media" for not seeing the "importance" of the story - than it was about the supposedly earthshaking accusations of a GOP activist that Kelly dubbed a "whistleblower."

In other words, on the same day that Kelly turned the temperature way down on her own coverage of the case, she and Bill O'Reilly complained that other media should be ramping it up. Was there absolutely nothing new in the "explosive" story of black radicals threatening the integrity of our voting system that Kelly had trumpeted so many times an hour on so many previous shows? Or was she feeling the heat of the spotlight that Fox News Democrat Kirsten Powers shone on her "news" agenda?

Meanwhile, if Kelly truly thinks the story is so important, why hasn't she expanded her coverage to examine the larger picture of voter crimes prosecuted by the Department of Justice? Why hasn't she investigated just how big a problem black intimidation of white voters is? Why hasn't she showed any interest in any cases of voter intimidation against AFrican Americans? I emailed her these questions several days ago and she has yet to respond.

And if this story is truly so significant, why didn't Chris Wallace ask David Axelrod a single question about it in their lengthy interview last Sunday?

In short, Kelly has a lot of 'splaining to do about her own coverage before she points a finger at anyone else's.