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It's Time For The Media To Report On Fox News' Race-Baiting Against Obama Administration

Reported by Ellen - July 15, 2010 -

We've been reporting for weeks now about the race baiting against the Obama administration that has been going on throughout Fox News almost 24/7. And yet the media has been largely silent about it. As Eric Boehlert, of Media Matters, notes, the media's "hands-off approach... helps mask the fact that the conservative movement is now wallowing in the kind of open and unapologetic race-baiting that mainstream American politics hasn't seen in decades, if not generations."

Boehlert continues, "Rather than doing the right thing today, however, the press has taken a pass and pretended the hysterical, relentless race-baiting that's going on in the GOP press isn't newsworthy, let alone unprecedented, or deeply troubling.

The media silence is deafening and depressing. And trust me, the folks at Fox News get the message: Full steam ahead!"

What, if anything, will it take the so-called liberal media to question whether Fox News has any decency at long last?

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