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Megyn Kelly Advances Fox Franken Illegal Victory Meme - Uses It To Further Smear DOJ

Reported by Priscilla - July 13, 2010 -

Right wing Republicans don’t like Al Franken. Their clean, white panties are still in a bunch because an evil librul Democratic alumnus of Saturday Night Live (and Harvard grad) beat Republican Norm Coleman, after a lengthy recount. And during that time, the right wing tried every tactic in the book to try to discredit Franken and those involved in the recount. Well, surprise, surprise. It looks like some right wing group has decided that there was some funny business and surprise, surpise, right wing media and Fox “News” (website, TV, and Fox Nation) are running with it. And it’s just not the “opinion” “news” on Fox & Friends where one expects right wing distortion. It’s “fair & balanced news” anchor Megyn Kelly. Today, Kelly, who has brought us relentless right wing race baiting and propagandizing on the Black Panther issue, is now bringing us this newest piece of GOP propaganda being popularized by right wing sites like “Drudge” and “Hot Air.” Megyn is being a very good girl.

Today, Fox & Friends reported on the “conservative study” that claimed that convicted felons voted illegally in the Minnesota election. Former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson erroneously claimed that “felons are not allowed to vote in this country” when this, in fact, is not true. Agit prop chyrons: “An Illegal Victory? Felons May Have Provided Margin In Dem’s Victory,” Senate Seat Stolen, Nearly 341 Felons Voted In Race,” and “Franken Elected By Felons, Illegal Voting May Have Put Dem On Top.” There is no proof that there was “illegal voting” but the chyron stated it as fact. Steve Doocy said that “Well, I was just going to say, if he won by 312, and 341 felons voted -- oh, boy, Norm Coleman should still be in office.” (Well he isn't, Steve, so deal with it!)

As I have previously noted, Fox reinforces its propaganda messages throughout the day. This new narrative about evil, librul voter chicanery was advanced by Fox “News” anchor, Megyn Kelly who never misses an opportunity to report on the newest outrage by evil libruls. Looking very intense, Megyn stared into the camera and spoke of the Fox News “exclusive” about “stunning accusations that could shake things up in the Senate.” She described how a conservative Minnesota group claims that convicted felons placed “illegal votes” in the “Al Franken/Norm Coleman Senate standoff.” Her “fair & balanced” guest was conservative John Fund, who “did a lot of work” on this case, from the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal.
Fund articulated the points made by this conservative group. He claimed that the Minnesota Secretary of State didn’t flag the illegal votes and engaged in a “dereliction of duty.” Fund continued to malign the Secretary of State by claiming that he was an “ACORN supported candidate.” (Oh, snap – scary black ACORN people). For good measure, he threw in George Soros’ name with ACORN. (Oh, double snap!). Fund continued his unsubstantiated character assassination with the comment that “there are accusations that he has not been particularly playing it on the level.” (And who is making these “accusations,” John? Looks like you’re not exactly “playing it on the level.”

Megyn then used “accusations” as a segue back into the Black Panther case. She referenced her discussion with Kirsten Powers about “allegations” made by J Christian Adams and said that “another allegation that that he has made about the DOJ is that there has been a mandate issued by Julie Fernandez not to enforce that section of the law that requires the purging of ineligible voters from the voter roles saying ‘we don’t want to worry about that because it doesn’t increase turnout’.” Fund caught the scripted ball and ran with it, saying that this explained why "when the conservative group took their complaint to the Justice Department, they never heard back." Kelly did note that this group initially made the complaint during the Bush administration. Fund said that the problem is that DOJ employees are “very ideological” and that “there are certain kinds of cases they like to bring and certain cases that they don’t like to bring." To Kelly’s question of where this is going, he replied that “every state has felons who are ineligible to vote; but there’s very little enforcement.” He alleged that “nobody has been prosecuted.” Kelly said “if they’re not pursuing any cases, to force the purging of ineligible voters from the roles, we’ll probably see more cases like that.” When Fund claimed that “they won’t comment on this,” she repeated, “they won’t comment on that specific allegation other than they denied the earlier allegation by J Christian Adams.”

Comment: Can we talk hit piece on the Minnesota Secretary of State and the Department of Justice? But what was really clever about this propaganda piece was that Kelly was able to cleverly weave, into the narrative, an allegation and right wing meme based on hearsay. (J Christian Adams' commentary on right wing “Pajamas Media” rather than personal knowledge.) And if Megyn Kelly were a “fair & balanced” “news” person, “she might have mentioned, regarding the Minnesota election, that "Initial reviews by state and local officials, however, indicate that the problem may be far smaller than the group found in a recent study being championed by the Minnesota Republican Party.” It appeared that she made no effort to contact anybody who would challenge her and Fund’s narrative as Kelly accepted everything Fund said. And despite the Cavuto marked title of the Fox video “Al Franken Elected By Felons,” the actual report does not make the claim. In fact, neither Coleman nor Franken were mentioned. And "shaking things up in the Senate" - Wishful thinking, Megyn? I think the real Cavuto marked “question” should be “Megyn Kelly Fair & Balanced?”