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Why Hasn't Megyn Kelly Put The DOJ Black Panther Case In A Larger Perspective?

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2010 -

It was another day of breathless coverage of the DOJ's handling of the New Black Panther case on America Live with Megyn Kelly (more on that later). And yet, as we head into the third week of Kelly's fixation on turning the Obama administration into this year's ACORN accusing the DOJ of playing racial politics with voter intimidation cases, there has been surprisingly little reporting on the larger picture of voter intimidation in this country and whether or not voter intimidation against whites is really the kind of problem Kelly suggests. So I sent the show an email today asking why there has been no reporting on this larger issue from what is supposedly part of Fox News' objective news lineup.

Here's my email:

As you probably know, I've been following with great interest your extensive coverage of the allegations that the DOJ decided not to prosecute the New Black Panther Party because of a decision not to prosecute cases of voter intimidation against black people.

We're almost in the third week of daily, breathless coverage from you - and with no end in sight - so I'd like to know why you have not put the issue in any kind of context larger than the accusations of your partisan-GOP "whistleblower.'


Have you ascertained how big a problem white voter intimidation really is? Surely you know voter intimidation laws are in place because of a history of intimidation against people of color. Other than this one case which you obviously disagree with, what is the extent of this supposedly significant problem? Is this one, isolated case or are there a slew of cases against African Americans intimidating white people. Don't you think it's incumbent upon you to let the "we report, you decide" network's viewers know the context of this issue? After all, you're supposedly part of Fox News' "objective" news lineup.

Have you done any investigation into intimidation against black voters? Isn't it possible that this is a bigger problem than intimidation against white voters? Regardless of what you think about the DOJ's decision to drop the case, even you'd have to admit the New Black Panther case was an isolated incident involving a few people and there's no evidence that it will or would have spread to other voting precincts. Don't you think a truly "fair and balanced" news program would put this in context of the larger picture of voter intimidation? If you don't think so, why not?

In short, why have you fixated on this one case of voter intimidation, reported on no others, and offered no larger context of the issue, despite such extended coverage?

I'll be posting these questions for you on the blog. Any and all responses from you or Fox will also be posted.

You can contact the show at [email protected].