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Fox News’ Hypocritical Attacks On “Liberal Media” Over DOJ Black Panther Case Coverage Ignore Fox News’ Own Lack Of Coverage

Reported by Ellen - July 12, 2010 -

One way to keep Fox News’ race-baiting attacks on the Obama Department of Justice front and center is to whine about the lack of coverage for this phony controversy in the rest of the media. That’s exactly what happened at least twice on Fox News today: as first Fox & Friends and then America Live with Megyn Kelly got on their high horses with outrage that Bob Schieffer had interviewed Attorney General Eric Holder on Face The Nation the day before and – gasp! – had failed to ask about the Black Panther case. Yet neither show mentioned that Fox News’ own Chris Wallace conducted a lengthy interview with White House senior advisor David Axelrod and never brought up the DOJ, either. So is Wallace part of the so-called liberal media or did he just recognize a phony-baloney controversy when he saw one?

On Fox & Friends, in the middle of a discussion about the Obama Justice Department’s suit against Arizona’s immigration law, Fox News contributor and former George W. Bush spokesperson Dana Perino made a point of gratuitously bringing up the New Black Panther case.

Perino began, “What I thought was interesting yesterday, on just a quick side note… Bob Schieffer had a chance to interview Eric Holder yesterday after ALL (her emphasis) the news last week on the Black Panther case…”

“No kiddin’!” Gretchen Carlson interjected.

Perino continued, “…and the political appointees being told that they had to dismiss a clear-cut case against the Black Panthers and Bob Schieffer didn’t bother to ask Eric Holder what did he know and when did he know it. I thought that was a travesty."

Steve Doocy said, “That is such a great point.”

On America Live, Megyn Kelly, probably the biggest cheerleader of this phony controversy, said, “Attorney General making an appearance on one of the big Sunday talk shows.” Kelly added, with dramatic indignance, “So why didn’t the anchor ask one question about the DOJ whistleblower and his accusation that the Department of Justice dropped the New Black Panther case for political and racial reasons and now has a policy of not pursuing any cases where the defendant is black and the victim is white. Not one question!”

Nice job of giving GOP activist J. Christian Adams your full-throated endorsement of his allegations, Meggy!

I wonder if Kelly, Carlson, Perino and Doocy expressed any indignance to their own colleague, Chris Wallace?

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